Bakers Dozen

My rule is do no exercise more than 10 times (except when I screw up the count) and run no further than 200 meters at a mosey pace. We kept it moving but threw in an occasional 10 count. A successful outing, despite a little rain. Deertick watched out for the six.

We started off in front of the building at 9:00 and did several exercises (SSHs, Mountain Climbers, IWs, Windmills, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Merkins, Squats, Dry-cocks, etc.) until about 9:15. Got interrupted by some cars. Seeing that we had everyone we were going to get, we took off downhill in the direction of the park. We stopped at the first street, McNinch and did people’s chair with air presses and ankles, hips and the wall and Balls to the Wall. Modifications were allowed.

To the next block on the street and stopped to allow the six to get there. A couple of additional exercises.

To the rock pile for some curls, presses, triceps and rows. Right turn to the bridge and stopped for a couple exercises. Across the bridge to the benches for dips, step ups and derkins. back across the bridge, a couple more exercises and again, stopped at each block on the way back. When we got to McNinch Street, we used the wall and also did bear crawls and crab walks across the street. Then we ran to the end of McNinch Street, across the RR tracks and did dips and Bulgarians split squats.

Ran to Cedar street and regrouped with a couple exercises and headed back to the patio outside the gym. An incredibly fast ByPass lead the way back followed by Simba. Countdown got us some water as we set up the chairs.

We had 5 FNGs! Deertick provided T-shirts and Bojangles bacon and egg and sausage and egg biscuits. We ran out of one size of T-shirts, I think it was the XL.

Finished with prayer. This is a good AO! Consider coming out. You’ll enjoy it, like every F3 workout, if not more. The guys at the Rescue Mission really enjoy it. I think we all get something out of the experience.



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