Like Caddy Day at Bushwood Country Club

With the PGA Championship in town this week, it only made sense to take the Governator pax to tony Pellyn Wood in hopes that some of the class and sophistication of that ritzy enclave would rub off on them

before they descended upon Quail Hollow Club.  Unfortunately, reality set in as 11 pax ran rampant through the neighborhood in a scene strikingly reminiscent of Caddy Day at Bushwood.

The Thang

– Give Ribeye some extra time to do something with the tablet-sized phone he strapped to his bulky bicep, then quick mosey up Carmel for a little religion in the form of COP at Reformed Theological Seminary

SSH x15

Merkins x10

Some kind of Mary, but YHC forgot what it was

– Resume mosey across Sharon View onto Hardison, then left on Gorman and all the way to the lake with a couple of pauses to pick up the six

– Partner up.  Oh, wait, we’ve got 11 dudes.  Well, let’s try it anyway.  After YHC told Ribeye and Aquafresh that they had to be partners, the Pax had some problems pairing up (more on that later)

Partner 1 goes up Gorman past the lake to the top of the hill and does 10 hand-release burpees, while Partner 2 goes the opposite way on Gorman and to the top of Howland for 10 hand-release merkins

Meet back at the lake for 20 partner derkins each

– Gather with some dips (x20 IC, then x15, x10), then rinse & repeat substituting jump squats for the merkins and diamond merkins for the burpees

– More Mary

– We’ve worn out our welcome at this point, so time to start the long mosey back up Gorman

– Collect the six at a little cul-de-sac with 10x Makhtar Ndiaye (IC)

– Mosey to the back of RTS for a bit more Mary: oblique R/L, something else

– Fast mosey morphing into a semi-AYG all the way home

Naked Man Moleskine

– YHC is a little tardy in getting this posted, so a bit of the details have grown a little foggy.  Cobains, brothers

– Good group out there: great to have Ribeye, Judge Smails, and Big Willy all out at the G Spot again!

– YHC tried to give the people a little of everything with some hills, some upper body work, and a bit of core.  As YHC would discover on Friday, however, apparently it wasn’t enough core for some

– Hamlet and Jamboree wore matching outfits, which made partner ID a little tougher than normal in the gloom

– Speaking of partner issues, somehow YHC, Pele, and the Judge ended up partner-less for the first round of partner work.  YHC blames myself since I forced Ribeye and Aquafresh to partner up based on size, but it was a little funny to see 3 guys doing merkins or derkins oyo while everyone else did what the Q called


– Give 2 Give: If you’ve not already given to this opportunity to give back to F3 for all that it’s given to you, give now:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,


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