3 Pointers

**Posted on behalf of Raid

29 aspiring ballers showed up for tryouts for the Hornets’ D-League team.  Turns out that the eclipse yesterday had affected the outdoor lighting making it difficult for the coach to call the plays but we played anyway.


The Thang

1st Quarter

Circle up for SSH x 25, IW x 25, Squat x 15, Good form Merkins x 10 & Sharon Towers x 10

On Your Six for 20 LBCs, Low Slow Flutters with tempo change after things got boring

6” and hold it to simulate instant replay of a Vlade Divak flop

Mosey down the road Karaoke style to the hillclimb

Count off by 2 to establish teams


2nd Quarter

Team 1 runs to the top as a group to perform 3 merkins and return

Team 2 serves time on the bench with jump squats

Team 2 runs to the top while Team 1 continues JS

Team 1 runs and Team 2 simulates Monkee Humpers

Team 1 takes over the MH while Team 2 runs

Team 2 returns for the Chest Pass Lunge while team 1 runs

Team 1 finds the Chest Pass Lunge comical while Team 2 runs

Team 2 returns and sends Team 1 to the top for the last time

Team 2 occupies time with LBCs

Group runs to the basketball court and each team lines up facing a basket for a Curry-Inspired Shootout

Each team designates a 3 point shooter and the team performs exercises until the 3 pointer is made.  New shooter is designated after a make

Here are the exercises:



Mike Tysons

Team 1 proved to be the Cavaliers by having every team member make a basket while Team 2 failed to make anything other than a layup.  The Brooklyn Nets have inquired about a couple of Team 2 shooters.

The team manager put the balls away, swept the court, turned out the lights and turned the rest of the workout over to veteran Coach Foo.

Foo took the pax up to the AG field to roll in the grass a bit.  Line up on the sideline, bear crawl to midfield, crab walk to the far sideline. 15x Russian Twists, mosey back.  Rinse and repeat, but substitute backwards run for crab walks. Sprint back.

Head back to the AG pullup rails (don’t grab any rail!) for 7s.  Donkey kicks in the temple, merkins in the parking lot.  Had to pull the plug at 0612 to squeeze in a bit of Mary (Oblique L and R, Heels to Heaven and Knee Ups)



Big props to Raid for stepping up to Q  after a day before headlock from YHC. He’s also fighting a sore hip, but put together a strong beatdown for the pax.  Sign up again soon!  Plenty of spots for all the #Core workouts.  We need Q’s…


We learned that at least half of the #ALS pax has either never heard of the sport of basketball or has long forgotten how to shoot.  While Team 1 was draining multiple 3 pointers (Chips/Grapevine/Nibbs/Shatner/YHC etc), Team 2 couldn’t make even a layup to save their lives.  Granted it was dark, we were wearing gloves, blah blah blah, but Team 1 were the Globetrotters and Team 2 were the Washington Generals.

Another strong crowd at #ALS.  Since the world didn’t end yesterday, I guess everyone decided to post.  Ages ranged from WB Indy (8) to WD Horse (78)! Great stuff.

Swing State brought an FNG, his neighbor Jay, but Jay had to bolt before he got an awesome nickname at COT.  Come out again brother and we will hook you up.


Give to Give is in full swing. If you haven’t given, please consider doing so to help bring F3 to other men around the country.  We have all been so blessed with this thing, so dig deep.  As of now, @F3Core may be leading the entire @F3Nation. Strong representation.

Core party, October 8th, 1600 at Motley’s.  Bring the M’s

Off the books Ruck on Mondays, at MPTS.  Check it out

Labor Day convergence may be happening.  Details from Sump coming soon.

Last day of Corner Office this Friday at PUMC, Shatner has the Q at 0600

Little W with another inspiring takeout.

Have a great week,

Raid & Foo

Today’s Playlist.  All were LIVE versions, per Raid’s request….

  • Baba O’Riley-The Who
  • Born to Run-Bruce
  • Paint it Black-Stones
  • Pride (In the Name of Love)-U2
  • You Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine-Guns N Roses
  • Just Like Heaven-The Cure
  • Sgt. Peppers-Paul McCartney
  • Fortunate Son-CCR
  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me-The Police

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