Where are all the hates ?

Cold morning, the day after Christmas, and all the millenials stayed home.

Lowest ALS turnout ever, possibly.

But the 10 who showed up left better for it – I think….


Here’s what we did:

Mosey to the Selwyn Teacher’s lot for warmup:  SSH, Merican, L/R Hip and Hammy stretch, heels to heaven, squats

Mosey to the new upper parking lot.  Partner up and One partner runs to the end of the lot for 5 burpees and back, second partner does a decline plank on the steep hill(Round 1), Elbow plank (round 2), and Crab Plank (round 3).

Mosey to the new upper parking lot bars on the walkway.  Do a ladder of 7’s with Mericans on the rails and bar squats.  Wahoo wanted to reverse it back in the other direction, but we had other plans.

Partner up and hit the field beside the bars for some partner 4 corners:  5 jump over burpees each partner, 10 partner leg throws each, 10 partner derkins, and 15 hand slap Mericans.  Back to the middle for 5 burpees between corners.  3 rounds.

Partner squat for the six.

Mosey back to the bars for an alternating partner bar-Merican ladder 1 up to 6 and back down.  We stopped halfway for a 10 count because I couldn’t stay up any longer.  I think Wahoo completed his arm fix during this one.

Mosey back to the upper parking lot for Marython – declining ladder of situps (10 to 1), with a 10 rep (military count) of various mary exercises in between each set of situps.

10 burpees to close it out.


I think we hit a hundred burpees, and we did a lot of arm work.

COT  – no announcements, some discussion about all the missing Pax, especially the young guys.

Shatner with the takeout


The Distance, Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake

You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Burn Rubber on Me – The Gap Band

Mary Had a Little Lamb, Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughn

I Feel Sanctified, Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

Rebel Rebel, Young Americans – David Bowie

Runnin’ Down a Dream, American Girl  – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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