That one time we tried something new….and hated it

A handful of Core’s finest showed up for some frigid kettlebell work led by YHC.

And My Sharona decided to walk.


  • SSH
  • IW
  • Mericans
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Copperhead Squat

1st set of 11s

  • Take KBs over to curb by concession stand where we do Hammer Curls
  • Run to Picnic Tables for Step Ups

Meet in middle of lot for “Mary”:

This is where YHC decided to try something new….after looking at the Exicon with those hopes of doing some kind of Mary that wasn’t the same 6 exercises every Q calls. Then I stumbled upon “Captain Thor” – a 1:4 ratio of full Sit Ups to American Twists (Russian). I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

12 minutes of whining and crying later (and that was just me), I quickly realized why we typically do the same half dozen exercises.

2nd set of 11s:

Derkins at Picnic Tables & Standing Push Press w/ KB in lot.

I WANTED to do a second set of Captain Thor here, but we only had a few minutes left. So we did Jack Webb until the end (we got to 8 reps before time was called.)


  • Thoughts and prayers for Torpedo. He was hit by a car while on a run. Minor injuries, but he’s a little beat up nonetheless.
  • It’s cold. Wind Chill brought out the windchill with him.

Playlist provided by Rev. Flo Rida – who fartsacked:


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