Why Worm is NOT for Women

Seven (7) proved that early bird does get The Worm. Garmin says 4.11 miles plus a lot of merkins in 60 minutes.


  • Motored to AG prison yard basketball court for COP.
  • Used Selwyn entrance road for karaoke R&L.
  • Up and over Spacklers with stops for merkins, 10x each stop.
  • Gather at MPHS arch for some more 10x merkins and 20x dips of circuit work around MPHS drop off, 5x.
  • Minor moment of Mary.
  • Continue on Colony with stops for Russian Twists for bad backs.
  • Travel to Arcadia (Little Kilimanjaro) for more circuits of running and 10x merkins at stops.
  • Back to main campus via Selwyn with church stop for bear crawl attack.
  • AG handrails are for pull-ups.
  • Buzzed AG pax on way home just to make sure that nothing was happening with that group.
  • Rested in the plank, waiting for game time to expire.
  • COT underneath the Colors.

Nekkid News

  • Not once. Not once was there a discussion of feelings, is one in touch with their feelings, how hurt are one’s feelings, how does one get more authentic feelings, why women have expressed feelings and why men are repressed. Nothing. It was a thing of beauty. There was just work.
  • There were no 10-counts for resting and recovery, although squats and IPs did make play list in COP.
  • Fishwrap, Nabisco, Luke Duke, and Red Foxx might be considered fast runners…by some.
  • Good to have Sea World in the rotation at the early-bird Worm.
  • Taf had returned from Down Under to rightly serve in his role as Worm sensei. Solid C- performance.
  • NANTAN Fish reported enough news that one must read the F3METRO newsletter.
  • Timely reported: New Year’s Day convergence workout @ Freedom Park @ the train @ 0700 wheels up. STH has the lead with capable assistants. All ages ranges, (dis)abilities, and overwrought feelings are welcomed.
  • COT prayer took us into the crisp day.
  • Coffee-teria was well-attended, plenty stinky and lively.
  • Until next time, peace be with you.

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