Implants, Pullovers and Pet Sounds….

A very fashion conscious crew gathered at Indy on Saturday morning to dispel their Friday night fog.  Much pre-workout discussion of DE’s shorts and whether they were salmon or lava, and whether FF was wearing a pullover (he was not – a pullover is defined as a “sweater that must be put on by pulling it over the head; a sweater without buttons or a zipper in front”, end of discussion).  Pet Sounds joined us from Cary – great to have you Pet Sounds, please join us again – it’s OK, Double Eagle doesn’t always show up; and Charles Horne was our FNG who was dressed to impress in his Boston Marathon shirt.

We began with a quick plank walk down the railings at ETES (much grumbling), then moseyed over to corner of Charlottetowne and Elizabeth for some SSHx25, merkins x20 and mountain climbers x20.  The on to Capt. Jack for dips x20, derkins x15, and dips x20.  Mosey over to the Court House for some Mary – dollies x20, knee-ups x20, flutters x20.  Then over to Marshall Park for some circuits around the pond including dips x20, derkins x10, LBCs x20, rinse and repeat x4.

Back down to CPCC for some people’s chair, and hip slappers and then mosey over to Bishop’s Castle where we negotiated the police tape and did some stairwell suicides, up and back to floors 3,5,7 and 8, finishing off with Mary on top – dollies x20, heels to heaven x20, russian twist x20, and much discussion of Panda’s socks and which particular discount bin they came from.

Back to the playground in Independence Park for 10 pullups and then plank until the church bells close us out.

An entertaining morning with much chatter.  Horne has been threatening to come to a workout for quite a while so it was good to seem him finally make it, and leave with a new name, Implants.

A shout out to the rapidly shrinking Tackleberry (great work) and all his CMPD colleagues for the extra hours they will be putting in this week to keep the city and all of its visitors safe – thank you

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