Reliving The F3 Glory Days

[Posted on behalf of Holtz]

The thang:

  • Run to parking lot near CTA  bus depot. 10x wide arms, 10x diamonds.
  • Run to carillon parking deck. Run down to bottom of staircase. Run up 10 flights – alternate bunny hop for 2 flights, regular for 1 flight. 10x CDD.
  • Run down to street exit. Run over to muthaship. 10x prisoner squats. Run up mutha. converge with Phoenix. 10-15x slow Freddy Mercury’s at bottom. Run up one flight to staircase. Alternate bunny hops and regular all the way up the staircase. Over to Doobie – run down mutha. Backwards up mutha, down regular.
  • Run back to CoT with some pain stations along the way – merkins, more merkins and an AYG sprint after saying goodbye to our brothers heading back to Latta Park.


Nakedman Moleskin:

  • Stinger, recovering from a long weekend in South Georgia with no exercise and a lot of really healthy eats, took an unfortunate spill coming down the Mutha on our last trip. Not surprisingly, Stinger bounced right up and shook it off, despite a wicked interior knee contusion. When a bee is angry, nothing stops him.
  • Cindy’s pre-workout jam in the Tahoe was Pink. Caught YHC off guard, so I called him out in the COT. Cindy was firm and proud that it indeed was Pink. Can’t argue with him; I saw her in concert. Impressive talent.
  • Thanks to Doobie for initiating a Monday convergence with our Pax from Phoenix. It came together pretty well, although those guys definitely registered some extra credit with their half mile back to Latta at 0613. They’re stronger for it.
  • Heard from Thin Slice that his first Q at PWW he too had a Phoenix convergence. He apparently took some heat for it. YHC appreciates the no complaints this time around. By the way, Thin Slice nailed the corporate cup half this weekend. 1:26. 6:35 pace. Flying. Smokeboots.
  • Gitmo donned the rain jacket today. Helped early on but the rain stopped and we had a nice rain free morning in the gloom for the most part. Bring the jacket, don’t need it. Don’t bring it, need it.
  • Dredd doesn’t feel the Carolina Dry Docks. Looked like the right form to me. Inhuman? We all know that’s not true.
  • Gandalf- thanks for reaching out and asking me to Q. It’s truly a humbling honor to lead the Pax. I think the wise words of Red Warrior (G9), used when describing the BRR, come to mind when leading: It’s gonna suck and it’s gonna be awesome.


Have a good week.


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