Burpee Free Zone. . .Almost

Surprisingly, YHC was invited back to BHM after his last BHM Q, where 3 people dropped mid-workout and 1 spilt merlot. The catalyst for such behavior? The post-COP Evolution of 10 burpees. . . in 1 minute. . .for 10 minutes, or what I like to call the Pigskin, in reference to @HuddleJim who seems to work this sequence into his Q’s wherever he may go. Well, at BHM the “Pigskin” went over like a lead balloon. So, in an effort to win back hearts and minds, YHC promised a Burpee Free Zone on 3/12/18.

Despite my best efforts to create a warm and safe space for the Pax, the morning was made less so by the pouring rain, the wet slop and the “spring forward.” But, we march on, Embracing The Suck.

BHM – soft and easy edition, kicked-off on time. . .just as the rain slowed to a drizzle. My desire to keep the tenderfeet warm and dry led us over to the parking deck at East & Queens Rd. Undercover, the COT commenced with 30 side straddle hops, 20 copperhead squats and 10 ‘Merkins.

Thankfully, the rain stopped. We left cover for the cornucopia of playground equipment in Freedom Park.

1st Evolution: At the swings by the Black Train; partner-up. Partner 1 does 10 pull-ups (or 10 second flexed-arm hang), while partner 2 does Wooly Worms until Partner 1 returns. 4 rounds. Plank for the 6.

Mosey to the Nature Museum.

2nd Evolution: 11s up the hill from the Nature Museum to Sterling Road. Squats and the bottom ‘Merkins at the top. Planks for the 6. Snap Fade and Sloppy were out front the whole time, lapping the rest of the Pax. They paid with extended plank time, which likely seemed like an eternity for them.

Mosey to the Amphitheater. Well, Sloppy and Snap Fade galloped, while the rest of us moseyed. These guys are fast. Sloppy has no clue as to the degree in which his fitness has accelerated over the past 5 months. He is prime.

3rd Evolution: 30 LBCs; 15 Peter Parkers; 15 Freddie Mercury’s; 15 Parker Peters.

Mosey to the parking lot near the Long Black Train.

4th Evolution: Line-up for Indian Run. The twist: The last Pax in the train (i.e. the caboose) does 2 Morning Woods (aka A Turkish Get-up) before sprinting to the front of the line. I am calling this one the Turkish Prison. Lots of moans and groans as this was announced. My effort to win hearts and minds was at risk. But, I would not be swayed. Off we strode, Embracing The Suck.

Apparently, this is where I lost total control; At confession time later, GOP admitted he didn’t do the Get-ups. Rather, he decided to do 2 Burpees instead. So much for the Burpee Free Zone. This simply proves that the Pax at BHM do not like to be coddled.

Good take out by Kit, even if he did lift my name to the Sky Q as “GraveDigger” (I am sure the Q in the sky understood). He always does.




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