suic-IDES of March

YHC was tired of the track work and decided it was time for field trip from RMS. Without permission slips signed nor enough chaperones to keep an eye out for everyone (Cannoli) 9 Pax headed into the near freezing groom for some hill sprint work.

5:30 struck and after a few stretches on the track since the temperature felt like hammy blowing season we were off with a fellowship mosey out of the parking lot to Judith Ct. Hang a right on Walker Rd and left on Linda Ln which happens to be YHCs mothers first name (#HiMom) to the bottom of the hill at the dead end. Plenty of “no trespassing” and “private property” signs to let the Pax know where to stop.
It was a this moment that YHC shared with the Pax the inspiration for this morning’s work out. When YHC was growing up on the “mean streets” of Binghamton, NY #607, YHC joined the track team mainly because it was the only Co-Ed sport offered at Seton Catholic Central High School. Every March 15th, the Ides of March, Coach Hyland would lead us to Laurel Ave so the team would not rest on them, for uphill suicides style hill sprints. Being the last SIBling Rivalry before the Ides YHC took it upon himself to recreate this work out on Linda Ln.

Round 1.
Sprint up Linda about half way to Walker Rd where a Basketball hoop on the left served as the point to stop.
Mosey back to bottom.
Sprint up Linda to Walker Rd. [insert barking dog behind fence here]
Mosey back to bottom.
Sprint up Linda to Water Oak Rd.
Mosey back to bottom.
Sprint up Linda to top of rise about half way down toward a dead end after crossing Water Oak.
Mosey back to bottom.

LBC x 20 while waiting for the 6.
Oblique crunch L/R x 15.

Round 2.
Backwards sprint up Linda to where it flattens out then turn and sprint to Walker Rd.
Mosey back to bottom.
Backward sprint up Linda to where it flattens out then turn and sprint to Water Oak.
Plank o’rama on the 6
60 second elbow plank.

Mosey to the valley on Linda after crossing Water Oak for more Mary.
Rosalita x 20
Freddie x 15
Heels to Heaven X 15
Dolly x 15.
Plank Jack X 15

AYG, which wasn’t much for YHC up Linda, left on Water Oak and back to the parking lot.
Just enough time for Boone LBC L/R x 15.

During COT YHC was thrown off by the count of 10. 10? Thought we had 9? Cannoli had rolled in to find the Pax already having departed for the field trip. Being the good Catholic he is Cannoli did Penance by running timed sad clown miles at the track. #GoForth&SinNoMore

YHC knew he wanted to lead some hill work to and was considering heading to Goshen but didn’t seem to be a long enough track for the suic-IDES of March that plus Sump hit me up to letting me know the Nantan was attending. Last time Fish was in attendance we hit Goshen (with ice skates on) and certainly did not want to give the appearance that there was a lack of originality amongst the SIBling Q list. Linda Ln served with a good mix of uphill, flat and even downhill on the sprint portion to lead to some good muscle confusion.

Little bit of mumblechatter at the beginning regarding YHC professional “scope” of practice with some classic Seinfeld references. That being said, Linda made the Pax concentrate on breathing so not a whole lot to report. Whilst working, a non-participating member of the Metro Pax was seen on Linda giving encouragement (Cobains but YHC forgot who it was – sound off below or one of the other Pax acknowledge for credit) This encounter did lead to a “Way to work OBT” chant as YHC ran by. Not YHC first time being mistaken for the Weasel Shaker as even Dredd mentioned to YHC the striking similarity at Bastion one morning. Perhaps as TIP continues to grow and the nationwide F3 expansion leads to increased exposure YHC could serve as a body double if the Paparazzi gets to intense.

Glad to be out there this morning with a great group of guys working at getting faster. Was also fun to reach back into the memory from high school to dust this workout off. Sump wanted YHC to think of a different name so that it could be used multiple times during the calendar year. Given YHC line of work and the Seinfeld reference he suggested the Assman’s Revenge #Millionto1Doc. Open for debate. 3.47 miles logged by YHC Garmin. Not considered over the 3 mile ceiling as a some of this distance was not at speed pace.

– F3 Westside launched this weekend at Revolution Park keep in mind and EH any neighbors that live on the West Side.
– Billingsville moving to Wednesday at 4:30.
– Check out Deer Ticks twitter handle for Sign Up genius for SIBling Rivalry Q slots.
– On a serious March is National Colon Cancer Screening Month. If you’re #Respect or younger and have a family history talk to your doctor about getting screened. 1 in 20 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer in their life. Only 1 out of 3 eligible North Carolinians is screened.

ColdCuts with the strong take out.


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