That one time at Indy…

YHC fell victim to the peer pressure last week of the beloved Indy pax needing a Q the following week, so humbly YHC accepted the keys.

Would later be reminded about being roped into a flag football tournament.  And, then teeball practice, as the newly dubbed Assistant to the Head Coach for my 2.1’s team, my attendance was expected.  Alas, with 1,250% chance of rain, teeball certainly wouldn’t happen (it did) and how bad could a couple flag football games be (they were terrible and I cannot walk today), so we got to the parking lot with about 5 minutes to spare (looking at you Sump) and we launched at 7am on the dot (#cobains Razorback), but not before we noticed a bit more action going on in our humble little lot.  Thought maybe it was another badminton tournament until the large starting line popped up out of nowhere, we figured we had one of the 17 different races happening that day in the QC, so we may have a crowd to watch us finish up.

Mosey out of lot to Elizabeth, down to the perfect rotunda for COP. Did SSH and 10 merkins, 10 diamonds, and 10 widearms.  I say we, Double Eagle did some of those. I think we did some squats too.

Head down the lurker stopping at each crosswalk for 10 hand-release merkins and 10 sumo squat calf raises.

Mosey to Capt. Jack for some 11’s. Dips and jump ups.

Mosey down greenway, for a stop in front of Hickory Tavern.  A quick circuit of bunny hop steps, run down ramp, do 5 burpees, then back to where we started for 10 dips.  Did that 3 times.

Keep heading down greenway until we saw several really nice lightposts.  Pulled a play out of Bullwinkle’s playbook for a little 2 steps forward and one step back.  Run to second lightpost, do 2 shoulder tap, chest to ground merkins, run back to 1st light post for 2 sumo jump squats. Keep moving 2 up and one back, adding 2 reps each time.  Got to 12 or 14. #ouch

Jumped across the street to start heading up terrible Torrence. Stopped half way up.  5 burpees and 10 squats at each cross street.  #ouch again. Ran back to Indy park.

One more circuit, 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 step ups, 20 dips.  Did that 3 times.

Double eagle wanted to get up to check out the crowd (that ended up being the Elizabeth 8k) before they took off for the race, so did an AYG up the hill and 10 burpees to close it out.  We looked cool.

Very quick COT, no announcements as we tried to get out before second round of racers left.


Lots of mumblechatter today.  Good crew for it.  As Q, I feel I maintained a pretty good fellowship pace (it’s what I’m good at).  Thanks for hanging. And thank you for handing the keys over.


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