Jager is never a good idea

Happy to have 10 show up this morning after what proved to be a little too much unplanned OT during my last approach…

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the Latta loop stopping for 5 burpees at all streets (30 total, I think)

Mosey over to the corner of Myrtle & Berkeley for 3 century club laps around the field – Lap 1: 25 wide arms each corner, Lap 2: 25 LBCs each corner, Lap 4 slight audible for 20 diamonds each of 5 corners

Head to down to the bottom of Myrtle

Backwards run to Mount Vernon, 10 sumo jump squats, forward run to Berkeley, 5 burpees; back to bottom for 1 more this time forward run to Mount Vernon, 5 burpees, backwards to Berkeley, 10 sum jump squats

Head over to the roundabout balls: 10 derkins 20 dips 30 lbcs X 3

Bear crawl small roundabout with mosey around the parking lot loop X2

Quick stop at the playground for 50 pull ups or as many as could finish in 3 minutes split up however needed with LBCs in between.   (sounded like most of us were happy to get to 30 , but of course Doobie leading the pack with what sounded like 45)

3.6 miles this morning


Always nice to start the week with the phoenix regulars, but appreciated the opportunity to lead a group that included bel air and tebow and nice to have Loud Mouth back after a few month hiatus needed to recover an injury.  early chatter focused on the Friday night axe throwing beer drinking event held for Mariah – several noted feeling great Saturday morning, Mariah reminded Doobie that Jager is never a good idea, and a few of us seemed proud to have rallied past the main event for the Thirsty, the Comet, and then to Eds but then recalled we were still home and in bed before 11.  And some of the axe throwing trash talking continued in to Monday morning – Doobie 1, Paula 0, Red Fox lots of 0s was the main theme of the discussion.

Reminder from Pate Memorial day conversion at Southpark just before the Patriot 5K Speed for Need event.   Sign up this week if interested.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead gents – looking forward next time.

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