Half-@$$ed Q

The workout may have been half-@$$ed, but the mumble chatter was top notch.  Or we will just let the PAX continue to think that.  YHC may be biased, but I enjoyed the beat down.

The Thang:

Mosey over to the basketball courts.

COP: SSH x 50; Imperial Walker x 20; Merkins x 20; Plank for a long time

Mosey to Memorial Stadium for a good ol’ fashioned Indian Run.

Mosey to Captain Jack.  Dips x 20; Step-ups x 20 (each leg); Incline Merkins x 20

Mosey to Metropolitan Park, grab a coupon on the way.

Shoulder Presses x 10; Curls x 20; Squats x 30.  Sprint length of grassy knoll and back after each exercise.  Rinse and repeat two more times adding 5 reps to each exercise each time.

Mosey over to the Lizzy Lurker dropping off the coupons on the way.

Sprint up the Lizzy Lurker, stopping for 5 Merkins at each crosswalk.

Mosey back to Indy for 5 Minutes of Merry while waiting for the bell to chime.

BTW – Lot’s of burpies during the Moseys, YHC can’t remember how many.




Summer is here and the humidity came with it. Everyone looked Today during the winter…Only other item is that Panda revealed that he likes to do some very strange things with his feet.  YHC isn’t mentioning more than that, but everyone that was at the workout knows what I am talking about.

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