1/2 way but not 1/2 ass

It’s hard to know sometimes if you are doing the whole thing.  Like on a called exercise, you get so caught up in either doing it the same way you always have, or like when you are only noticing on what you are doing and you don’t notice how poorly you are doing it.  So, we focused this workout on doing things half way, so that you could do them all the way.  Sounds hard, but it wasn’t.  Or , it was, but you needed it.  Anyway….

We did the standard first, because that’s how all good thing s start. With a standard.

Mosey to the rocks under the bridge where YHC reminded the Tarheel fans that big rocks weigh more.  Just because that’s funny.

The plan for all exercises was the same– 5 1/2 way up. 5 1/2 way down, and then 5 full.  all in cadence.

here’s what we did with the rocks:  curls, tricep extensions, protractors.

Mosey to the target stairs for squats.  1/2 way up at the bottom, 1/2 way down at the mid point, all the way down at the top.  5 each time, 5 rounds

Mosey to the rails for inboards and outboards following the same process.

jailbreak back.


NMM:  So, this worked.   And by worked, my goal was to be spent so that when I got on my plane in San Francisco that night, I would be able to sleep in my non- first class seat for a long part of the 16 hour flight.  And it worked.  I sent right out, and slept for the first 6 hours straight.  Watched movies the rest of the way.   Arrived in Singapore bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Unfortunately, I neglected to write the BB until 12 days later, and even then I was prompted only by the fact that I stepped in as the Q for Splinter Group this a.m. and since I had to write that BB, I realized I never posted this one.

The fun thing is, since I record the end of the workout, I got to giggle listening to My Sharona tell us that it was national donut day, which led to me asking Keefer if he was allowed back into Dunkin Donuts, which led to Keefer saying ”  The key to using the bathroom at Dunkin Donuts is avoiding eye contact.”  That’s just funny.

I don’t really care if anyone liked the workout because Hollywood said he liked it, and since he is 70 sumthin his opinion matters more than yours.

Thanks for joining me in the beatdown.  I missed you guys while I was gone– there simply is no substitute for F3.


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