A sub standard embrace of mediocrity

It reminded me of the first time I played Spin The bottle.  Everybody is there, awkwardly staring at eachother, wondering who is going to step up and lead, make the first move, do the thing that gets us started.  So , I made the first move and got us moving.  Interesting, there were the same number of females present today as there were the first time I played spin the bottle.  You can understand how I didn’t really feel like playing it again after that first experience.

No Standard.  No reason why, except I felt like running.  So off we went.  we stopped twice on the way to the lake at Freedom park.  Once there, we ran around the lake until the fast guys caught the slow guys, at which point we were to gather all up and meet at the bridge to the nature center.  Unfortunately, I said run 2 laps, which was not quite enough time for the fasties to catch the slowies, but we all met up at the bridge.  which was the plan anyway.

We mosied to Princeton, turned left on queens, right on Wellesley back to the start at whatever pace you wanted.  Fasties turned and came and got the slowies.  Watch was fast, so we had time for 4 minutes of Mary.   Otherwise, all we did was run.  Looked like the fasties got 3.75 and the slowies got 3.  Which was the idea– run as fast as you want, as far as you want, and yet find the means to stay together.

Candles had to bump out early due to ” gastric issues”.  Keefer jumped in and pointed out where the closest porta jon was, and was dismayed that Candles would rather go home than use a porta jon.  For The record, Keefer can find a porta jon like gogole maps finds restaurants.  He knows right where they are, even in the gloom. Stunning.


Thanks for running with me.  Or, ahead of me. First run I have done in over a month.  I will be back.

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