Bandit: You finally did something right…

I won’t let it go to my head.

9 men out for this week’s Bandit. Small crowd, big effort.

Warm up run all the way up to the Lilac parking lot at the bottom of the lurker. Quick COP of SSH, squats, and 4 imperial walkers.

30 second AYG sprint up the lurker (gets some people well past 1st speed bump, your mileage may vary). Back down to parking lot. Exercises in the parking lot. Repeat AYG sprint on a 5 minute cycle. 6x. Parking lot exercises included various combinations of merkins, diamonds, mountain climbers, POWER mountain climbers, plank jack, peter parker, squats, jump squats, lunges, jumping lunges, broad jumps, 1 leg jumps, jump 180s, and burpees.

After round 6 on lurker back down to train lot. Various plank, merkins, prison cell push up, parker peter, peter parker, etc with several sprints across the parking lot.

3ish minute cool down jog back to gravel lot.


6 sprints does not seem like a lot – especially with 4:30 of “rest” in between. Admittedly squats, merkins et al are not rest but don’t require the same explosiveness as the AYG sprint. The 30 seconds is what makes this workout difficult. Nabisco consistently generating impressive uphill speed on the hills. Several others dug deep as well – Teaser Pony with one of the most impressive efforts for about 24 seconds at which point the wheels came off. That is the idea with this one. Nowhere to hide with this small crowd – everyone had to bring the effort. No one lost or left behind here. Everyone’s a winner. Give yourself a trophy.

Keep Marilyn’s family in your thoughts/prayers as his father undergoes surgery.

Speed For Need:

American 4 Miler coming up on 7/4/2018. Read the pre-blast. Register for the race. Tweet or otherwise promote it. We need to make a large showing in honor of our 1-year anniversary. Come celebrate with our track commanders.

Marilyn has the Q next week. Things look wide open starting in July. Time to step up.



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