Downhill Everybody

22 men showed up to the least friendly workout in F3.  Ranger’s back, baby.  Here’s what happened:

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Presby Main;
  • AYG down all of Elizabeth to the bottom of the hill, run back up with 10 wide-arms at each crosswalk and cross street (and light pole, and building, and tree, and whenever you feel like it).
  • AYG down all of Elizabeth to the bottom of the hill, run back up with 10 sumo jump squats (focus on form, Narc) at each crosswalk and cross street.
  • AYG down all of Elizabeth to the bottom of the hill, run back up with 5 burpees at each crosswalk and cross street.
  • Run down to Charlottetowne, backwards run back up the hill.
  • Run down to Charlottetown, partner carry back up the hill.
  • Mosey back to parking lot.

The Skine:

  • Gotta play to your strengths, which meant either a lot of downhill running or limbo this morning.  Since I couldn’t find a limbo stick, we went with downhilll running.  Unfortunately, along with downhill running often comes uphill running.
  • Narc wasn’t a huge fan of Lee calling him out on his sumo jump squat form.  To Narc’s credit, Lee’s feet weren’t leaving the ground as he gave Narc crap.  But, Lee is the First F Q, so form is his wheelhouse and not doing the exercises is the First F Q’s prerogative.  Look it up.  It’s probably in the Lexicon somewhere.
  • Fishwrap is back from running a marathon up Mount Everest with his wife.  26.2 miles.  Up. A. Mountain.  Jesus.
  • The refuseniks led the way, with Narc, Tiger Cock and Lee right behind.
  • Uncle and Seahawk passed by at least 8 other F3 workouts to get to ours this morning.  Thanks for the support, brothers.
  • Total distance was 4.47 miles–0.02 miles longer than Cindy’s lead a PWW on Monday.  Hmm.

Thanks for the keys, CMD.  Thanks for the takeout, CP.  See you boys soon.

2 thoughts on “Downhill Everybody

  • June 14, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    It’s a descent marathon; trek up over 2 week period, run down on May 29th — an annual celebration to commemorate 1st summit in 1953 and our wedding anniversary. Any excuse to party will do! It has a few ups on the way down w/ about 3000 feet of climbing and 9000 feet of descent.

    Everest BB and Video will drop with all other Summer Blockbusters in July. Watch for it!

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