Bag Lunch Bully

21 got beat up by a bully who instead of stealing their lunch made them eat it.

The Thang

Mosey by Publix to the HT parking lot

SSH x20
Viking Squats x20 (surprisingly this got less of a reaction than I expected)
Merkins x15
Mountain Climbers x15

BLTs increasing in number until next exercise was called:
Burpee Broad Jump
Lunge Walk
Turkish Get Up

PBJ Jacob Ladder:
Plank Jack
Backward Lunge
Jump Squat

BLTs increasing in number at each island until pax reaches World Market

Mosey back to middle of parking lot

PBJ Jacob Ladder this time with Baby Crunches in the middle

Mosey back beside Publix for
Peoples Chair
Lalanne Variations

Mosey back to start for:
Table Plank March
Elbow Plank March
Heels to Heaven

Count-rama started off poorly due to YHC’s 2.0’s poor F3 upbringing. Name-rama ended poorly due to YHC’s overlooking Swap.  Other than that, things went according to plan.  Solid group today allowing YHC introduce a new exercise without being pulled from the Q.  Between 2 and 3 miles, but most underrated exercise – the Turkish Get Up – was probably what was most remembered later in the day.

Today was bro-day with both my 2.0s in the attendance along with the Deblitz brothers.


MIP this week being Q’ed by residents Lost Boys and Vega.  Sledgehammers will be part of the Thang.  Bring your 2.0s.

HDHH Metro is at Prov. Sundries during the Summer.


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