Doobies Workout “A+” is What He Said

It was a simple plan, not masterful but twisted just enough to set the trap. Bordering on genius, some would say. They would probably be wrong but their comments well received.

And the word went out…”there would be doobies at Meltdown on Thursday!” That will draw a crowd. Not a record breaker, but 18 showed their sleepy selves in hopes of enlightenment. Appeared to be some late decision making with the likes of Slater, Valdez and a couple others. Even Senor (always on time) Chips “rolling” in late while we were still planking.

The planking came first to the groans of the pax and then some merkins, Imperial Walkers and of course Sharon Towers.

Then we’re off for a short mosey down the hill for the first STOP of KB Swings,Twists w/KB, Overhead press and Plankjacks. Masterful what YHC did there. Thank you very much.

Another short mosey over to Hippie Hill, doobies blazing at this point. And Rev asked the question, the best question of the morning. “What do the people want?’ and Senor Chips, the late one, responds without missing a swing, “a way to make them smile!” That’s pure poetry right there. It’s where the doobies come in. Wasted and I mean wasted on the pax. Not a lot of doobie fans.

At the hippie hill place we boarded a reverse escalator and proceeded as follows. Starting at sidewalk proceed backwards up the hill to level one for 15 KB Squats. Back down the hill to sidewalk and then backward up to level one for 15 KB Squats, then backwards up to level 2 for 10 KB Push Press each arm. Back down to sidewalk. Now if you know how a stack or escalator works this next part makes sense. If not just move along to the finish. Level 3 10 Renegade Row, level 4 10 Power to the People (crowd pleaser), level 5 15 swings, level 6 10 lawnmower and level 7 15 curls.

With that accomplished we headed back to the parking lot for another round of STOP and we’re done!

COT and takeout by DRM


Nibbler gave this workout and it’s creator/facilitator an A+!!!

That is all.

C you real soon, Y because we love you!


Playlist – all by the Doobie Bothers.

Long Train Running

China Grove

Takin’ It To The Streets

It Keeps You Running

Listen To The Music

Rockin’ Down The Highway

Jesus Is Alright With Me

Black Water

Eyes Of Silver

Another Park Another Sunday

What A Fool Believes

Minute By Minute

Take Me In Your Arms














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