used to play for silver

19 were up for SharkTank today.  Here’s what went down:

The Drill:   
Extra Credit (0515)
Mosey over to Harding hill for 5 rounds of dips (20) and knee-ups (20)
Mosey back to collect the 0530 crew

Main Event (0530)
Warmup with SSH (30), merkins (20)
Mosey along greenway stopping for dips at Target (30) and again at Cap’n Jack (30)
Mosey to bottom of Lizzy lurker
Suicide with stops at crosswalks and stop light for crossfit burpees (5)
Flutter (20), R/L Boone LBCs (20), merkins (20)
Another round of suicides with diamonds (10) at stops
LBCs (30), flutter (30)
Partner wheelbarrow to 1st crosswalk (2x), merkins (20)
AYG up Lizzy Lurker to stop light (2x), dolly (30)
Mosey back to greenway, dips (30), AYG back to home base

Color Commentary:
Great group of men this morning.  Fast too.  Curly and CP claimed to be all banged up between the ears, but it did not show.  CP keeping the money machine cranking with too many ‘client events’ past couple nights, and Curly reliving his bad hairline days with Styx/Tesla/Joan Jett concert. Never fear, they ran as smooth and hard as ever.  LBJ (#rifty) was pretty much at the front all morning (somebody tell him Second Coming’s already left town, he can ease up).  And the rest of the EC crew was right there with him.  Raman showed out on the first AYG and quickly conceded the lead to TML on the second.  Loved seeing my former ASR teammates, all getting primed for early Sept – not sure how Frat Girl shows 5 times in the past 6 months and posts top quartile speed today.  Huh…and not really that young anymore.  Thrust’s been putting the work in and all I heard from him all morning was “on your left”.  Not cool, bro.  Only 1 representative from P7perboy, but Gandalf graced us with a couple jeering flybys.  It’s getting hot out, won’t be long before half the pax are shirtless.  Thank goodness most folks have sense enough to not call for partner carries this time of year.  None of that today, and won’t be any until Oct if up to me.  Only advice the M gave is ‘try not to puke again’.  Mission accomplished, ma’am.  Such encouragement.  But whipped, no doubt.  At the end, Garmin reported 5.5mi for ECers.  And then Maverick and the crucible he’s in in Coronado came to our collective minds.  We’ve got nothing on those men and hold him and them in such high regard.  And so many others that are going or have gone through some tough stuff (keep BoutTime’s son Jennings in your prayers).  I led SharkTank 51 weeks ago today, the day Cheech from Lexington died tragically during a group run. His hits close to home for me – that really could be any one of us.  As has been said many, many times before, today’s a gift.  Let us have ears to hear and eyes to see, and hearts of gratitude.  Thanks, Curly, for the opportunity to lead, and thanks to the men that posted and pushed me pretty doggone hard this AM.

SpeedForNeed – 1-year anniversary of SpeedForNeed is 7/4/18.  Nash and Tolkien and team looking for strong F3 contingent at the American 4 Miler. See Read the pre-blast and Register for the race.

The Map – Bob Schindler will be back at The Map on 6/20 as guest speaker with a very engaging discussion on “Does God Care Who Wins?”.  Bob got us all thinking about the big, big, big picture this past Wednesday, and I promise you will be blessed if you can make next Wednesday’s session.  Cotswold Brueggers, 0630-0715.

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