The Prodigal Son Smokes Himself

AYE. The prodigal son returns, but the only fattened calf being slayed was…himself. Here’s more or less what transpired


Extra Credit – Rhapsody Q
COP for SSH, Merkins, etc
Mosey to bottom of Linda
Another COP
5 Merkins at each lightpost back to McAlway
Mosey to Goshen
5 “airsquats” at each light post
Mosey back to the AO

Main Thang – McGee Q
10 Burpees on your own (must establish YHC trademark burp-fest)
Mosey to the circle at the front of the school
Round 1 – Lap, 50 Merkins, Lap, 50 Widearms, Lap, 50 Diamonds, Lap
Plank it up
Round 2 – Lap, 50 Jump Squats, Lap, 50 Monkey Humpers, Lap, 50 Leaping Lunges (each leg, fools)
Plank it up
Round 3 – Lap, 50 Freddy Mercury, Lap, 50 Heels to Heaven, Lap, 50 LBC
A couple of minutes or so of Mary

Mosey to the bottom of Goshen
Ascending Burpee ladder from 1 – 7 at each lightpost, then descending on the way down
6 minutes of for-real Mary, no feet touched the ground except for: Pitino, Kickin Chicken and Nibbs
30 Mountain Climbers
AYG to the top of Goshen – Rhapsody for the win

Mosey to parking lot at AO
41 Burpees OYO
Nah, nevermind. Just 11.
10 Baryishnikov
10 Peter Parker
10 Parker Peter
Wrap it up with 10 more Burpees (total = 80)


  1. Prometheus holds a special place in my heart. I’m fairly certain that I was present for the launch of the site and I’m glad to see that it has held up to its reputation as a total #smokefest – except when it comes to burpees, apparently. There was about to be a mutiny when I called the last 41 burpees and I caved to the pressure…because, let’s be honest…I was completely and wholly smoked. I’m not sure I could have knocked them all out anyway.
  2. Panda rolled in like 15 minutes late, so he owes the first two rounds at the circle. Just FYI for next week. If he’s not there, you can just have Boba Fett #poormanspanda do it.
  3. Much groaning throughout the workout, but particularly from Kickin Chicken. Brother just wants to do Rosalitas the whole time, I guess. But he redeemed himself by bringing cold bottled water for the PAX for the COT, proving yet again why we put up with his complaining and might even enjoy his presence occasionally.
  4. Nibbs was weirdly quiet. Nibbs, you good, man? I expect more #mumblechatter from you if you’re going to cheat so much on the AYG.
  5. Rhapsody continues to smoke everyone, all the time. Too bad Orange Whip wasn’t there to give him a run for his money.

All kidding aside, it was great to be back at Prometheus and I promise it won’t be 3 more years before it happens again. All the best fellas. See you in the #gloom.

#horseneck OUT

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