Dude, They are Not Strollers – They Are Racing Chariots!

21 PAX started their Monday morning off right with a soupy stroll through the hills of #McHorsey. We warmed up, we partnered up, we ran in a figure 8 pattern, we touched the yuccasucca a few times, we did some hand slap Merkins, we recited the pledge, we ran to the bottom of Blue Ridge, we sprinted back up Blue Ridge (just for fun), and then we took it back to the gravel lot for COT.


In my humble opinion, SIB is the hardest (running) workout in F3Metro, but damn if the McHorse workout isnt a very close 2nd. The hilly course just grinds you down over time, and that last right turn up the hill to the YuccaSucca is a repeated soul crusher. Heard more panting and groaning on the yuccasucca hill than in all of Debby Does Dallas.
I think Fish has issues with authority or is using this summer to channel his inner Cindy. I outlined three simple tasks for Mondays workout (e.g., partner up, partner #1 run this way, partner #2 run that way, .), and damn if he didn’t immediately ignore them all and take off in the wrong direction. His partner, Nabisco, could be heard cursing under his breath as he took off after Fish. We passed Fish and Nabisco several times running in the opposite direction as the rest of the PAX. Of course, they were both f$%king flying, so I opted to let it slide.

Completely missed seeing our creepy resident spectator, Chester, in all his glory, but several PAX claimed to have suffered irreparable retina damage from viewing Chester in his driveway sporting a black speedo, fondling his junk, with cigarette in hand. Hope his neighbors keep their small children and large pets close.

Good to see so many of the #SofaKing crew out today — I wont be back, so let me know how the rest of the McHorsey training season goes for the team. Other notable performances this a.m. included Nabisco, who won (lost?) the sufferfest lottery when partnered with Fish. And KY, who totally and completely smoked the first of the workout before settling into mid-pack. Also, gotta throw out some love for the name My Funky Cold. Never met MFC before today, but definitely an A+ nickname that hopefully has an equally strong backstory.

During COT, tried to remind the PAX of the July 4th convergence and the American 4-miler. Made the mistake of referring to the racing chairs as racing strollers. Was nicely and gently informed that the small, plastic twin-baby pusher in the back of Tafs truck was a stroller, but the sleek, 3-wheeled machines that were to be utilized in the race are referred to as chairs or chariots. Someone please tell Tolkien and Nash that I am ready to make an extra donation to Speed-for-Need as penance.


My employer sends out monthly e-mail blasts on different topics, and the theme for this month is leadership. The theme caught my attention, so thought I would repost the guts of it here, outlining some of the qualities considered essential for great leaders:
> Sincere Enthusiasm — When leaders are sincerely enthusiastic, its contagious.
> Integrity — Whether giving proper credit for accomplishments, acknowledging mistakes or putting quality first, great leaders do what is right.
> Great Communication Skills – Poor communication can lead to poor outcomes. Leaders also know that listening is an integral part of good communication.
> Loyalty – Leaders express loyalty in tangible ways by ensuring all team members have the training and resources to do their jobs.
> Decisiveness — Great leaders are willing to take risks and hold themselves accountable first and foremost.
> Empowerment — Leaders have faith in their ability to train and develop others. Leaders are willing to empower those they lead to act autonomously.
> Charisma – The truly best leaders are well-spoken, approachable and friendly. They show sincere care for others.

Maybe you agree with all of these criteria for a great leader or maybe not. But as I think about the dozens of great leaders in our community and within F3, I certainly see most (if not all) of these traits on display. Something to strive for.

Thanks to Madd for the closing prayer and to Spooky for his leadership at McHorsey.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!


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