Fellowship in C-Rock

As originated in the Black Widow transition post  -> just wanted to get a quick note out we’re gonna grab dinner at 7:30 at Leroy Fox this Tues night (7/10). Open invite. Reason is nothing more than a little 2nd F in the doldrum time of Summer. That is a good enough reason.  Hoping someone is planning to educate us on soccer a little more as there is a tournament going on . . . . outside of that we will debate old vs. new life hacks and other non-sense (i.e. is audible the best way to read a book now, why can’t google do tiny URLs for sign-up genius or is it just me, would you rather go see Isbell or Willie, is optical dexterity really a thing and is it getting better with youth, is economic impact of a trade war a new phenomenon or are outcomes templated per past scenarios).  Yea, it may not be like that, but will be good for ya if ya got the time.

No, this won’t be a recurring thing – those things seem to die out anyway.

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