Don’t quit

At Prometheus this week, we went shopping for pain with coupons. The extra credit crew did nearly 4.5 miles, most of it with a paver. The regular crew did over 3 miles, all of it with a paver, and hundreds of reps of paver exercises.

One of the best things about F3 is men helping other men not quit. Perseverance is formed best with other men of equal grit. This is why I would follow Dredd to the gates of hell, and why so many others would do the same. Men follow Dredd because they know he won’t quit. He will be there. He will persevere. He will look to the side, and give you the hand (or shove) you need, and spur you on. Dredd inspires me. Wednesday was a pale illustration. We were all at the shopping center, smoked. The last exercise was over a mile run home with the millstone. Dredd killed it because it was all about grit and perseverance.

Romans 5 promises that perseverance produces character. It is my honor to chase better character alongside you men.

One thought on “Don’t quit

  • July 15, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    While I felt a little differently Wednesday morning I now believe it is most likely you and Dredd will not be at the gates of Hell together. Thanks Rhapsody for trading pavers with me. Yours felt lighter. Body weight appropriate pavers next time ICE9. Oh wait – is the standard the standard?

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