Cramming for the Test

Admit it: you tell your kids they should prepare, prepare, prepare for the test – but you don’t practice what you preach…you procrastinate with the best of them.


Right around Memorial Day OBT threw down the gauntlet to clock a mile and then follow it up after Labor Day to show improvement.  Summer homework.  I’ve had plenty of fried shrimp and malty-beverages since then, which does not make for adequate preparation.


This am eight PAX gathered in “the gloom” (shout out to Freeloader for the adjective) to cram for the end-of-summer test.


The Thang:


8×200 (100 recovery)

4×400 (200 recovery)

8×200 (100 recovery)

@mile pace minus 30 seconds.


Math was at a premium – which is a tough ask at 5:30 in the am.  Finished at 6:14 am.  Enough time to hit the beer cooler someone kindly left for us next to the bleachers.


Great fight from everyone.  Bring on the test.



  1. Deertick: looking for more PAX and possibly a Q for Rescue on Saturday
  2. Loveboat: looking for another member of his BRR team – no guarantee on the leg!
  3. Loveboat: Rock Zero – Calvary Church – need a Q

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