Last Workout at Walter G Byers School – Virgin Q

Last day of Fortitude at Walter Byers elementary school.  My first introduction to F3 was at this school 4 months ago and today was my Virgin Q.  What a way to wrap up our time and to gear up for a new setting next week back at the newly renovated Men’s Shelter.  We didn’t have any guys from the shelter this morning, but we had 9 strong PAX ready to work.  As the Virgin Q, I was uncertain about what to expect, but the group was awesome, even when I messed up the cadence or made up an exercise.

My goal today was to circle the school and revisit some of my favorite exercises that I experienced in my short time with F3.  We started out with some basics to get my timing down a bit.  I introduced the Alphabet to the group, which was received moderately well.  Worked over to the new park area to do dips on the new benches.  Down to the rail for some rail-plank and bear crawl all the way down, four sets in total.  Next we did a partner exercise consisting of 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 side-straddle hops.  As we worked our way around the school, I got a little ambitious with a Route 66, up a hill with burpies!  Sounded great on paper, but it really took it out of myself.  We have some beasts in the group that kept me motivated though.  Lastly, we worked our way up to do a variation of the Cleveland Shuffle.  Am I allowed to make up a new exercise in my first Q?  The Krispy Kreme!  Everyone takes turn in the middle doing squats while the rest of the group shuffles “right, left, right, then hit (when ready)” upon the command of the person in the middle.  A great way to end a great Q.  All in all, I think the guys felt good leaving the workout today.

I am grateful for this group of guys that I can call my friends.  Each week they push me beyond limits and each week I come away a better person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Can’t wait to take it back to the Tryon location at the Men’s Shelter.  Hopefully we can get some more shelter guest to join us consistently.  Looking forward to continuing my growth with F3 and looking forward to my next Q.


1)   Jason Ray Foundation auction and dinner – September 8th – contact Partridge Family for more details.

2)   Fortitude moving back to N. Tryon 8/21.

3)   #HopeChallenge:

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  • August 14, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    “10” for VQ Degree of Difficulty. “10” for VQ Execution. “0” for BackBlast Title.

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