Always striving

First 15 – the crew ran down Water Oak, did burpees, back to school and hit the disks!

Full monty – mosey to back of school for COP – SSH’s, IW’s, Merkins, LBC’s, Flutter

Run to track – first lap lunge walk the corners, 10 wide-arm 10 diamonds midway on both straights.

Run to picnic tables – 20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 stepups, 10 squats, run to baseball field fence and back X 2.  A few rounds of Mary (YHC, Spooky, Rhapsody).

Head to football field, grab pavers – 40 presses, 20 curls, run field 10 diamonds and back to pavers.   20 one arm presses L & R, 20 goblet squats, run field 10 diamonds and back to pavers. 20 tricep extentions, 20 lunges w paver, run to opposite end, 10 wide arms, AYG to end line. Put pavers away mosey to parking lot, COT (2.58 miles – you’re welcome Nibs)

Great group! Great workout, was smooth and well executed…Nibbler and Kickin’ kept telling me throughout the full 45 (site Q Rhapsody didn’t mention it though ?).

As the name suggests Promo always keeps you striving to get better…this morning was no different.  Thank you Rhapsody for putting me on the Q list and keeping me there in spite of my reluctance.

Welcome FNG Rex Mangiaracina! Supervisor or Student Teaching at UNCC and Costwold resident – now known as Mr. Hand! Mr. Hand will be sub’ing in for me on the BRR this year…look out for SBTO, think they just got ALOT faster!  Thanks to Groundhog for headlocking him.

Roaring Riot – cranks it up at 4:00 pm on Friday night (across from Draught)!  Patino invited us all…he also wants us to join him for his Revolution Q on Saturday morning.

Drone with another great takeout, thanks for your strong words brother!

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