Metro Labor Day Convergence 2018

The Metro Labor Day Convergence returns to Latta Park!

This year’s Q lineup includes some new blood who have no idea convergences were once considered an easy workout.

Hoe Down – A ridiculously nice guy who will lead the Core Pax. Don’t let the nice-guy image fool you, Hoe Down has a nasty streak when it comes to Qing.

Pâtè \pä-‘tā\ – The F3 veteran of the group who manages the regular Latta Park Monday boot camp The Phoenix. In addition to being a top-tier Q, he is also a nationally known financial adviser.

Narc – A youngblood who pushes the older Pax to keep up. He has sole Site-Q responsibilities for one of Metro’s toughest workouts, Combine. Enough said.

Thin Slice – Next generation beast who is taking his rightful place among Metro’s elite.   He’s taking a break from his BRR training for his 6-man Ultra team. And Slice writes a Back Blast that can go toe-to-toe with the best, plus he includes awesome family recipes!

Labor Day – Monday, September 3rd

Latta Park

7 – 8 AM

Core option

Bring Shovel Flags!



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