Stickers for All

Hundreds of men chose lesser AOs on this fine Wednesday summer morning, but 4 regulars and a visitor from the west found their way to the BEST AO in the Metro.  Despite the luxurious surroundings, we managed to enjoy a solid beatdown.

The Thang:

Mosey to one of the newly paved and freshly painted parking lots for COP and a few exercises in cadence: SSHs x20, IWs x20, Copperhead Squats x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Heels to Heaven x20.

Mosey to the top level of the new parking deck and admire the square brick wall (skylight for the bottom level?) in the middle of top level.  Bear crawl around the wall (~50 yards or so)…plank for the six, then lunge walk around the wall and plankorama.

Mosey past the tournament approved outdoor ping pong table to the brick wall on a quaint patio.  GAAP Ups x10 per leg (IC) and then Dips x20 (IC).

The pax were pining for the comfy PDS football field so away we went.  Head to the stadium and line up on the goal line for some BLIMPS, moving 15 yards after each exercise: Burpees x10, Lunges x15 (per leg), IWs x20 (per leg), Merkins x25, Plank Jacks x30, and Squats x35.  Plank at the goal line for the six.

Bear Crawl / Makhtar N’Diaye combo, which consisted of bear crawling 10 yards, doing one Makhtar N’Diaye, bear crawling another 10 yards, then 2 Makhtar N’Diaye’s…repeating until you bear crawled the field and finished with 10 Makhtar N’Diaye’s #crowdpleaser.

LBC’s for the six, followed by dollies, oblique crunches, and rosalitas

Mosey to the bleachers with a stop at the wall for some people’s chair while the pax received their instructions.  11s consisting of running up to the stadium stairs to the top for jump squats and dips at the bottom.  Plank for the six, then people’s chair w/ air presses x20, and then line up for AYG back to the gate and COT.



  • Quality of quantity today…we thought there’d be only four, but Pigskin showed up  a couple minutes late, and managed to find us in front lot.
  • Welcome to Cannibal who was in town on business from Asheville – thanks for the F3-Asheville stickers!  Hope you can make it back again soon.
  • The PDS Development Team must be doing an outstanding job as Cannibal thought it was a brand new school – some fine new buildings and thanks again to Double Ds for helping get this workout started.  Atlas and Promo are certainly great but get out of your comfort zone and try The Charge!
  • John Deere was out front all day with Boerwors close behind…great work by all.


  • Cannibal (a headhunter in the accounting world) updated us on F3 Asheville and noted they have Tue/Thu/Sat workouts with multiple AOs.  They will be fielding their first full team at BRR this year so if you see them on the course, be sure to say hello.  The Asheville pax recently launched F3 Waynesville and that Saturday workout is already drawing ~20 pax each week – great work!
  • The MAP is on every Wednesday, 6:30am at the Cotswold Brueggers and HDHH is 6pm at Sundries.
  • Remember to keep headlocking guys and send any Cotswold FNGs to The Charge…so many options at this AO and easy to keep the pax together.


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