Running with Giants


Easy running with several stops for merkin varietals and toe-taps.


Goshen x5 with merkins and jump squats.

Linda x2 with some backwards running, merkins, burpees and core.

Randolph track for the finisher.

5 laps, negative splits #NoBullshittingInTheExchangeZone

This Is How I Show My Love

I’m nostalgic. I am.

I was dropping the kids off at my mom’s Monday morning and noticed that her house smelled just like my granny’s house. Not like old people. It smelled like breakfast, any breakfast my granny would fire up in a cast iron skillet. That Southern girl didn’t play when it came to an open flame and a griddle.

But, I really liked what my mom was trying to do.

I think that’s nostalgia.

My favorite stretch of time this Summer was not the week I spent at the beach with my family.

No, my favorite was the time we spent in the Tahoe on the way to the beach. All my favorite people in the world right there with me, the kids in the way, way back, and I’m overwhelmed with the first of many dad moments.

That may or may not be nostalgia.


You know it. You hear it. Now, some of the FNG’s in F3Nation, or RNG’s (relatively) or the punks that have passed through our short term care division may not realize that we @F3Nation have our own song. Not quite an anthem, it’s more of a theme song, really, and that song made it to every Metro PAX playlist in 2012. It accompanied the early day videos. It was on the pre-workout rotation. It thumped from the BOSE in the gloom. You couldn’t go a day without hearing it.

And I can’t not listen to it to this very day without wanting to fuck some shit up.

That’s nostalgia.

Not long ago I thought, I need a theme song. Well, I wanted my own theme song.

What I found was an anthem.

Running with Giants

From Thousand Foot Krutch. This may not be your brand of music. It is Christian Rock. Hell, it’s not my go-to genre. Really, if I had to make a choice between Kumbaya OR Gangsta Gangsta, you’d hear me say, “Yo Dre, give me a funky ass bass line.”

But this fuckin’ song, man. I find it inspiring, uplifting. In many ways it expresses how I feel about you, and in turn, how you make me feel.


I can’t say with absolute certainty that Running with Giants will do you right. It does me right.

For best effect get that shit LOUD, REAL LOUD all up in your earhole.

Use it. Let it do you right.

Hay Barn Fescue Lawn

Two weeks out from BRR and I start to hear things like,

“Hay’s in the barn.”

No, it’s not. It’s too early to harvest alfalfa, you know better than that.

The other night I caught myself staring into my trophy case. There’s a hole, a small one, in between my fiddle made of gold and some other less precious 1st Place medals.

I will pin the bragging rights for my 6 man F3Team win right… there. #FlyingStandby

My best to all of you participating. Be safe.

Thanks for coming out. KC & Rhapsody, thanks for the opportunity-

Things That Matter

“What matters? Lives of the good and the great, the innocence of dogs, the cunning of cats, the elegance of nature, the wonders of space, the perfectly thrown outfield assist, the difference between historical guilt and historical responsibility, homage and sacrilege in monumental architecture, fashions and follies and the finer uses of the F-word.”

–RIP Charles Krauthammer

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