Extra minute, no extra charge

I left my Garmin at home on the charger. This workout doesn’t count for me because it won’t be on Strava.  Let’s see if we can make it count for you.

The EC guys joined us in the parking lot at about 6:28. That puts a little pressure on the Q to get the main event underway.  The ECers don’t like to stand around waiting for the workout to start.  Despite concerns and negotiation from the Nantan, we launched at 6:29.

The workout:

We ran to the back of the school and proved that side straddle hops can be done at Prometheus.   Knocked out 10.

Now that the BRR is in the books for 2018, it wouldn’t hurt to show the upper body a little love with 25 merkins – on the 4-count, so really 50. The cadence counting /really/ dropped off after about 21.  We’ll ease into the upper body work.

KC: That’s enough Tick. (I think I heard “Tick”)

Nib: Did you just call him dick?

In a brief 9/11 observance, we symbolized getting knocked down on 9/11, and then springing back up on 9/12 with 9 turkish get-ups and 11 burpees.

We ran to the back of the school and picked a partner. Size and speed (are constructs of your patriarchal, oppressive archetype and) don’t matter.

Partner 1 ran up the stairs and around the parking circle while partner 2 alternated 10 donkey kicks and 10 dips. 3 rounds.

Atlas showed up on our track as we were running out of the parking lot. Lucky for them we weren’t using the track.

Under the streetlight at the bottom of Linda, we did 10 star jumps and then ran up the road stopping at every utility pole on the right for a decreasing number of star jumps. Those who got to the end first did straight, perfect elbow planks.  No arm high, no leg anywhere, just plank and hold it.

Around the corner along the school wall, we got down on our sixes and propped our feet up on the school wall for 20 LBCs.

We made the short trip to the playground for 11s; pull ups here and jump ups on the wall across the parking lot. Every time we passed the middle of the parking lot, we stopped for 5 merkins.

For whatever reason, the Q was aiming toward a 6:30 finish. That’s not when this workout ends.  It ends at 6:15.  We’re not done with our 11s, but it is sometime after 6:05.  We have to start heading back.

We grouped at the top of Linda and went back the same way we got here. Start with 10 star jumps at this utility pole, and do a decreasing number at each pole on the left.  On the way back we ran into Atlas again.  Not much was said as the workouts passed each other.  There’s usually more talk.

Again, the first finishers waited in the elbow plank position.

After regrouping, we ran back to the parking lot for a few flutter kicks and LBCs to finish out the time.  5:29-6:15.



I thought it was a good post-BRR boot camp. A real boot camp, with exercises, not just hill repeats.  We covered some ground but hill repeats were not on the agenda.

The main announcement is our sincere thoughts and prayers for Pitino and his family as he travels to Wisconsin for his cousin’s funeral. Safe travels and God bless your family in this difficult time.

Everyone else, stay safe through the storm, and be ready to help our friends and neighbors on the coast.  They are going to need a lot of it.

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