Vila’s V Q at Midwood!

(posted by Gridlock on behalf of Vila)

The welcome lower temperatures were completely offset by extreme humidity.  Despite the mugginess, 7 men survived my first Q.

For warm up we followed a traditional pattern of  SSH, IW and Windmills on the Basketball Court.

Next stop, the baseball diamond for something different.  With the Pax spread around the bases we completed a round of 7s declining lunges and increasing squats while going around the bases sideways. We then headed to the nearby hillside for clock merkins. 5 at each quarter hour starting at 12:00 facing uphill.

We moseyed up the path to the brick wall at the park entrance for a few stepups followed by 11s, dips and durkins.  Then we took a trip around to the next park entrance using a new twist on the Indian Run I called the Zipline.  Its the same as an Indian Run except when running to the front you hold up your arms like you’re approaching the finish line of a race, cheering as you pass to the front was optional.  It seemed appropriate after completing the dips and durkins combination.

Next stop was the Soccer field.  Here we set ourselves on a 21 challenge, increasing burpees on one sideline and a run to the other side for decreasing LBCs adding up to 21.   Once we had enough of that, we moseyed back the basketball court for a serious of core building sets including dollys protractors and heels to heaven.

We closed the same way we started with SSH, IW and windmills. Thanks Gridlock for taking us out.  Next week the Q is set for Ocho Cinco’s first time.  Don’t miss it!

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