Yes, Mr. Jenkins

9 of Metro’s finest and 1 of Birmingham’s finest were put through the ringer on this muggy Oct. morning at the Tank. Damn you humidity! Here’s the lowdown;


Run over to the Target Parking deck via Metropolitan Dr.  2 rounds of the following.  Start with 10 Hand release merkins run to the stairs and up to mid way point – 10 jump squats, then up the stairs to the top of the deck and do 10 burpees.  Then run across the deck and back down the stairs to where you started. Round two the same except do 20 of said exercises instead.

Run back up stairs to the railings on the other side.  15x Supine under hand pull ups, 15x Supine underhand pull ups.

Run back and catch the sleepy heads.


Run the greenway to the fountain stopping at each light pole and do 5 Spiderman Merkins at each.

At the fountain do 3 laps of the following;

Start with 5 dips at the fountain, run to the clock tower and do 5 derkins, then run up to the top of Harding and do 5 burpees.  Next round do 10 reps and last round do 15 reps.

Flutter – 15x, Rosalita – 15x

Run across King St. to Torrance.  Run Torrance all the way to third stopping at each side street and the end and do 7’s.  Start at the first street and do 6 burpees and 1 Turkish Get up, then 5 & 2 and so forth. You get the picture.

Plank Jacks – 10x, LBC’s – 10x

Run back to Kings via Torrance and stop at each street and the end and do 10 WWII sit ups at each.

Run back down greenway to home base stopping at each light pole and do 10 Russian Twists at each.

Line up on the field on your belly’s and do sprints –  5x,



– 4.5 miles of fun today for the PAX that is if you were at EC.  TML said it had a little Young Guns feel to it with the greenway loops. Always a fast crew at the Tank so “A” Game is always expected.

– Lots of banter between Stinger & Dredd about Bobby and Mr. Jenkins. Guess they use Morris-Jenkins for all their heating and air needs.  Maybe they should start shooting commercials.

– Welcome Pilgrim from  F3 Birmingham.  Said he ran in from downtown, I mean uptown to the workout this morning (even made it to EC) so T-Claps to you brother.  I bet that run back sucked.  Welcome to Metro.  Yes, we are the real deal.

– BTW, Dredd wanted everyone to know that he has no issues with Wells Fargo.

Thanks Curley for the keys to the Porsche this am and hope the hammy heals up.  Thanks Pilgrim for the takeout and come back soon for another Metro beatdown.

Peace Out

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