Monday Night Headlocking

Guests of the Men’s Shelter have limited access to email and twitter.  They often don’t have smart phone calendars / reminder apps.  Bottom line: it’s easy to forget about Fortitude, week to week.   And if you’re not naturally up at 5:45 a.m. on Tuesdays, you might not even know it happened.

So we’re calling on a Few Good Pax to do some Monday Night Headlocking.   Only takes 20-30mins some time Monday evening from 5-8p.m., with 6-7p.m. being the hour where most Shelter Guests are in one place for dinner.    Consists of coming in, grabbing the F3 sign-up sheet (or improvising if the sheet is not there), fellowshipping with Shelter Guests, talking about the workout, and writing down names and bed numbers of any interested Guests.   That’s it.  Country and Pipeline will do wake-up “calls”, when we get there the next morning for Fortitude.

2 locations: 1210 N. Tryon and 3410 Statesville Ave.   We could use Headlockers at either location, but please prioritize Tryon. if you’re signing-up for a particular evening.    Sign-up genius link here:

Please reach out to Pipeline or Maradona, with questions.

And thank you!



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