Great to be back

Solid Crew, nice cool weather… Let’s Go:

Quick stop at Nikko for warm up COT – SSH + Merkins

Head to Charlotte Dr – Run Charlotte Dr to East stopping at each cross street for 10 Merkins (7 stops including East). Mary to collect the 6

Grab some wall by the Teeter bus stop. 2 sets 20 dips, 10 Derkins

Quick Mosey to bottom of WaverLee (is this the proper spelling??)

4 times up WaverLee with 30 LBCs at the bottom and 10, 15, 20, 25 Merkins at the top.

Secret Path out of WaverLee to Romany (THE Slice loves secret paths) and head over to mega deck

One trip up the stairs, 10 Jump squats at the top. Back down for some Mary.

Head up dead presidents to east. Stop for some Mary to collect the 6.

Quick mosey home with a backward run up to the lot.

Great to be back at Sparta this morning. It’s been way too long. We sold our house ~0.5miles away from Sedgefield Middle this spring and took on the task of renovating an old house near South Park mall. In the meantime we lived in a rental out in Sherwood Forest and I spent the past 4mo or so hanging with the Cotswold crew. Was nice to meet some new people, but so great to be back with the Sparta crew. Sparta was my favorite work out for the better part of the past 4 years and this morning reminded me why. Not sure if it’s b/c it’s on Friday and everyone is just happier with the weekend on the horizon or that this group of men has been so consistent for so long we can have intimate conversations. The chatter this morning was off the charts as it often is at Sparta. Unfortunately, most of it happened during mary and I was trying to keep cadence so I didn’t catch much of it. Sounded like some really deep conversation which included calamine lotion and doobie’s balls… not really sure how that conversation got started but it sounded like some important stuff. Other thing that makes Sparta so great is the surroundings. There are so many options. Tons of hills, parking decks, parks, a track, the Sparta wall all easily within striking distance. I decided to go for a few of my favorites that I’ve missed so dearly… Waverly hill, Mega Deck and Dead Presidents hill. Got them all in the allotted time despite several doubters. Love being back at Sparta and I’m fired up to be a regular again.

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