Return of the Triple Tower Tour!

7 men hit the streets of Metro, and this is what we did:

The Thang

Appetizer:  Mosey to rocks under bridge and grab one.  5 thrusters, 5 curls … run up hill to random building that is never occupied except that one summer I remember they sold snacks and drinks and was a great place to stop with the kids when you’re biking the greenway without having to go into a “real” store or restaurant and park your bike and try to keep an eye on it while you are inside because you didn’t bring locks, which seems kind of silly when you think about someone actually making off with a 10-year old’s bike and people are generally good but you don’t want to be taken advantage of……….but I digress … 5 chgerkins, 5 squats.  Back to rocks and repeat, x10, x15, x20.

Mosey to Magic Hate Ball lawn and the pagoda/arbor(??) for 5 rounds of x5 pull-ups, x10 dips

Gather early 5:28 to warm-up in lot with rest of crew:  SSHs, mountain climbers—hold ’em—Peter Parkers—hold ’em—Parker Peters

Main Course:  Triple Tower Tour!  An OYO-AYG experience:  run to Target deck, x15 chergkins at bottom, run to top and across (I said across) deck, x15 cross-fit/hand release burpees at top, run down opposite stairs (I said opposite), back to original staircase and repeat.  Then, run to Muthaship (#chooseyourownadventure), x15 chergkins at bottom, run up spiral, x15 cross-fit/hand release burpees at top/middle of deck, run down stairs, back to spiral and repeat.  Then, run to the Castle, x15 chergkins at bottom, run to top and across deck, x15 cross-fit/hand release burpees at top, run down opposite stairs, back to original staircase and repeat.  Run back home.

0:59’57.2 #Qmagic


Naked Moleskin

Triple T.  Not sure why, but I had this route in my head recently (ran it back in the day at Muthaship Monday, when we did 3 trips up each deck but only x10 on each exercise) and decided to bring it out of the closet and retrofit it for a 45-minute workout.  A little bit of OT for those following me and Team Cheat Code (Boone & Gandalf), but it’s still a keeper as far as I’m concerned.  #sucktastic  4 miles that feels like 6, almost 100 push-ups and burpees thrown in.  (Or, if you are Boone & Gandalf, 3 miles that feels like 5 and almost 100 of something, various exercise-ishly things.)  

Mini-Convergence #1.  Boone, Gandalf and I had a brief but indiscernible convergence with Cindy and Swamp Fox as they finished their Muthaship Sweet Six route.  The acoustics at the base of the Mutha’ aren’t ideal admittedly for pleasantries (read: hurling insults and sarcastic jabs) when you are running in opposite directions and doing exercises (well, some of us).  Anyhoo, it appeared that Cindy/Swamp were fully apprised of pre-Tank marketing as I’m pretty sure I could make out a “Sultan” and at least one “suck” I think, but I’m going to just safely assume that the rest of their Charlie Brown teacher speech was encouraging words and cheerful banter.  Yes, yes, cheerio and good days to you as well, kind sirs! 

Mini-Convergence #2.  Curly apparently ran across TD running with his dogs somewhere on the streets of Charlotte.  TD thought Curly was TML.  Good times.  (Also, not the first or last time that will happen for either Curly or TML.)

Shameless Plugs.  Billingsville (F3 powers for good).  Turkey Drive (donate).  Thoughts and prayers for hurricane victims (…and donate to F3 Disaster Ops or the Red Cross or any other charitable cause).  

Thanks, Curly, for the opportunity to lead.  Always a pleasure.


 “Work harder than you think you did yesterday.”

One thought on “Return of the Triple Tower Tour!

  • October 19, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Lee, the Triple Tower Tour is a keeper. The cross-fit burpees (if done) are a ball buster and a time killer. As for the pre-Tank marketing, the idea was to cleverly use alliteration in the description (#nailedit). Could have gone with Shah or Sovereign I guess, but not as effective in my opinion.

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