Holy $hT, My log in still works!

So, I’ve been away for awhile.  Despite the many claims that “Freeloader is back”  It’s been a fallacy.  It’s all been lies.  #fakenews.  I don’t even know how to write a proper backblast. I guess I could make fun of people as that seems to be the most effective way to garner attention.   However, it seems like a lot of folks are doing their own things.  Reddogs, Doc, Mindfreak, Strummer and AC’s new hip just ride bikes now.   Subway, Gitmo, and a few others have decided to pay to run up and down the stairs and around the pond at Freedom Park.  Taylor just runs from the Y with his new 4″ split short wearing friends.  Yep, I’m lost. I wonder if I’m still site Q for SiB?  I guess I better go back and start reading some old posts at www.f3nation.com to see what the heck has been happening…..I’ll be back soon……………………………………………………………………………..

WTF????  That doesn’t work?  How am I supposed to keep up with what’s happening in the world of F3?  Who won the damn mud run????Back to the drawing board.

Ok, now I see  f3metro.com…….yeh yeh…Metro is great.  (Thank Ballz for the reminder)…..we have new leadership.  great….are we still running around in the dark wearing black? Check! Cindy is still overcompensating with bluster to make up for substance. Slaughter still writes excellent and entertaining backblasts.  Matlock claims he  doesn’t give a f$%k, yet posts preblasts for a weekly 8 mile run.  #no6option….

Oh! wait! this is interesting…..OBT is no longer the weaselshaker.   #happyWeasels.   Dredd is Lawyer of the Year.  (A gift to comedians everywhere)  Sub4 is freaking fast.  Still not as fast as Nash, who continues to be stealthy by not posting on Strava.  Laetner saves lives.  Swamp doesn’t get hurt.  EZ likes donuts and has an annual race involving donuts. Bushwood likes donuts more and has a weekly workout with donuts.  Missing De runs sheep like figures on Strava, Fish is still in crazy shape and mindset.  Ranger still looks really hard.  Promo is really hard.  Lot’s of Respects still moving around much faster than they should be.  Kudos….YES…KUDOS!

Ok, I just scrolled to some other stuff.  wow, really cool stuff in fact.  Lots of effort to help the folks effected by the recent storms, a twist on the annual turkey drive for the Rescuse Mission.  They actually want you to show up to get more connected.  Sounds good.  Lot’s of effort to do more outreach to areas of need.  (No, not Cotswold), West Charlotte, Men’s Shelter, Tutoring at AG, Let Me Run, Speed 4 Need, etc.  This brings me to…

Midwood….something we started a couple years ago….lucky for the men who post here every week at either the Midwood 6@6 or the workout that Pipeline stepped in.  I was ready to pull the plug on this workout (from now on, we will use the term #gandolfing for this) and was honoring the DNR orders and when he swooped in.  After Pipeline moved on to start yet another charitable workout, he handed controls to Gridlock.  Under his leadership, this workout has thrived as evidenced by the 26 pax who showed up for the anniversary.  To be completely honest, I have no idea what anniversary it is…3 years?  4 years?  My timeline now has surgeries as reference points.

As for the workout, what we did pales in comparison to who did it.  3 FNG’s, a couple guys from the Men’s Shelter, multiple Pax who would have never been to F3 if not for this workout. The original intent was to bring this neighborhood together.  It was a vision that Pipeline, Gridlock, and all the other folks who post and Q regularly have delivered upon.  It was an honor to lead you on Saturday.  Thank you.

I’m never surprised, yet still amazed at the high quality of people I meet at some extremely early hour at some random parking lot with F3.  I’ve missed you.  All of you.

See you soon.




3 thoughts on “Holy $hT, My log in still works!

  • October 22, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Thanks for planting the seed OG! Watching you do all the pre-work summer 2016 for Midwood inspired me to inquire about planting a workout at the Men’s Shelter #Fortitude. Turns out Slaughter knew how to do stuff all that stuff anyway, but I might not have taken the first steps to get to HIM, absent your example. #butterflyeffect

  • October 22, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Freeloader–Just say the word if you want this thing shut down. I got you covered. #RIPYG

  • October 24, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    This isn’t funny. Who took over the ‘freeloader’ login? Some of us still remember him. Fondly is too strong a word but we remember him. And logging in as him and posting is some sort of cruel joke.

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