Randolph drive by cat call

4 men posted on time at Copperhead to get the week started off right.   Tammy Faye wondered where Stat was while Rofus appeared a minute late from behind the bushes (don’t want to know what was going on, didn’t ask, and we headed the other way).

The Thang:

Warm up with alternating burpee ladder (to five – 15 total) and called exercise – SSHx15, Mtn Climber X10, squats x15, Lunges x15, and dollyx15.

Mosey out of the parking lot and immediately hear some dude yelling at us from his old school Centurion mini-van.   It was Stat running a bit late so we replied with directions as to where to meet us and he actually understood.

Circle up in front of doctor office and continue burpee ladder (to 7 – 13more burpees) alternating with merkins x10, stagger right X10, and stagger left x10 with Stat joining us somewhere during the set.    Mosey across the street and head up to the playground beside B-ville Elementary – complete one more set of burpee ladder (to 8) then 25 pull ups and 100 squats.  Mosey down to mini amphitheater for circuit of jump ups, dips, and decline merkins (all to 15).    Complete another step on the burpee ladder (9) and then another round of jump ups/dips/decline merkins.

Head down behind home plate on the baseball field for 25 one legged squats (each leg – 50 total).  Finish our burpee ladder (10).   Q stated I was done calling burpees (Stat took note).

Cross over Randolph to first office building for a mini four corners.   Run lap around the office building with 10 of called exercise.   We did merkins, heels to heaven and then, thanks to Stat, 5 burpees at each corner.

Mosey back to Mint Museum parking lot for a sprint, some mary and then 1 minute of burpees (YHC lied about no more burpees after round 10).

The Thang:

Close to 100 burpees depending on how many you got in during the last minute (YHC was closer to 90).    The small group was great and I met 3 new guys (need to come north of Fairview more often).   Iron Sharpens Iron was on display as Stat noted he had to post after committing to Tammy Faye.   It was great to learn a little about Stat’s work at the Smith Family clinic and his fund raising efforts.     Huge need in the community for both tutoring/mentoring and health care so it was nice to hear about their work.

Daisy pushed hard to get me to Q, even after I forgot about the last one.  Thanks for the push – I need it.

Rofus still needs to explain what his name means. It’s just as confusing as Chelms (Jesse Helms and Chapel Hill smashed together).


Tutoring on Tuesday at Billingsville at 4:30 and mentoring at AG Middle School hopefully starting next week on Thursday from 5:00 to 5:45.   Contact me at pchepul@gmail.com for more information if interested in getting involved.  Kids at both schools really benefit from the work F3 does at each one.

Stat raising funds for Smith Family Clinic.

Take out- I should have given Tammy Faye a chance to practice his profession (budding preacher) but I wanted to pray specifically for a family in Grier Heights (single mom and her son).  As Stat noted, it’s expensive being poor and families like this one struggle every day.

Honored to have the opportunity to lead this am.

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