S6 BB: Life Hacks

5 warriors worked on getting more efficient today.  Not with running drills.  In life.  Everyone chipped in:

Ballz:  Don’t buy a high mileage 2012 Honda Accord with a V6.  They break down and you have to replace them with fancy SUVs.

Dredd:   Sit up straight lest you get sciatica.

PBo:  Have someone set all your clocks 15min ahead unbeknownst to you so that you are only 5min late to everything.

FreeLoader:  Park your truck perpendicular to the street to prevent people cutting thru your neighborhood.

Bel Air:  Avoid wasting time brushing by adding toothpaste to your breakfast.  [drives off in a high mileage 2012 Honda Accord with a V6]


I’m in NYC next week.  Anyone want the Q?

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