A Round a Rectangular Block

YHC targeted a rectangular route with 90 degree corners at each turn. So why do we say we walk a round the block. Just think on that for a while.

Warmup while waiting for stragglers and to create “muscle memory” as Keiffer pointed out. Plank for a minute, 10 merkins and 20 squats. Then off we went down Radcliffe to Stanford, left over to Wellesley wher we again go left and up to Selwyn. Yup, another left and we go straight over to Radcliffe where we go left again down to Stanford. At each corner stop and do 1 minute plank, 10 merkins and 20 squats.

Intent was for fast guys to get 4 rounds and others like DRM would get three. But the thoroughbreds never made a break and we pretty much all stayed together. Robinhood got all crazy running super fast at times which was great to see. Strong work out there. A few otheres showed flashes of speed but the pax would always wait at each corner before proceeding. Almost got in three loops, a total of 2,.8 miles which is 3 miles at Core.

Not much chatter today, just running and wheezing.

Great takeout by Hallpass as usual.

Thanks for the keys.

C you real soon. Y because we loves ya’!


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