Election Day Beatdown

Trivia fact: did you know that F3 guarantees the right to all men for a free workout, rain and shine?


Pull in to an empty parking lot at 5:12 AM and actually wondered if it was just going to be YHC for EC.  Next thing you know, two cars pull into the Trinity Pres parking lot.  Here’s the really odd thing: Sir Topham Hat was driving one of them!  Dude usually runs in from his home away from home in Auburn, Alabama every morning because he’s a freaking beast.

At 5:15AM, the three of us head over to St. Gabes
Run up the stairs on the right – Merkins x 10 at the top
Run down the stairs on the left – LBC’s x 10 at the bottom
Rinse and repeat reducing rep counts by 1 each time
After 10 rounds, head back to AO to pick up the rest

Circle up in the Trinity pre-school parking lot
SSH/ Copperhead© Squats

Run down Montclair to Robin – regroup for the Six

Continue to Rutledge stopping at every street light/ telephone pole for Squats x 10

Mosey to Randolph and down to Rembrandt

Run length of Rembrandt turning left on Meadowood back to Randolph
Stop at each street light (4 total) & at Randolph for Plank Jacks & Knee-ups

A little further down Randolph to the guard rails
People’s Chair/ Dips/ Derkins/ People’s Chair & Air Presses/ Dips

Begin journey home: Randolph to Rutledge to Montclair
Stop at top of Chandler – Partner up
P1 runs down Chandler, around the round-a-bout & back
P2 does Merkins/ Squats/ LBC’s x 8 each AMRAP until P1 returns
Flap Jack
Three rounds

Up Montclair to Rutledge and take the secret entrance to Trinity Pres


Charlotte Rescue Mission Turkey Drive
bring turkeys to Sat 11/10 7AM Convergence at CRM or regular 9AM MIP workout
Or send money via burpees4turkeys@gmail.com

Thanksgiving Convergence on 11/22 (Turkey Day) 7-8AM @ AGMS. T-claps to Redd Foxx for coordinating!

Prayer requests for Magellan’s wife and Panda’s sister-in-law.  Both fighting early stages of cancer.

Once again, YHC missed my self-imposed deadline for the BB.  How does Grapevine do it so effortlessly? #fastestBBintheland

Not sure why YHC agreed to EC when Grizzly asked – maybe it’s because he’s such a positive person who can make EC sound fun. Appreciate STH joining us.  Got to hear him re-tell the story of how he ended up going to college at Auburn.  Spoiler alert: he fell for the hot model sales pitch.

As expected, STH was out front all morning.  He was often joined by the up & coming beast known as Boonedoggle.  That kid keeps getting faster every week.

Today’s Pax had a good mix of all ages.  Hates like Stat and Tammy Faye running in the first wave with Respects Film Festival and Panda.

Not sure how often Señor Chips makes it to BW but great to see him in the Pax this morning.

T-claps to Boba Fett for honoring his HC to post from Sunday night at HT.  One thing to HC on a Sunday night and another to honor the HC on the actual day.  But Boba Fett is as good as they come.

Also appreciate Mr. Green coming out in support of my Q.  And for following up earlier today about the status of my BB.  Always keeping me honest.

Don’t know why my fellow Dawg (and a BW Site-Q) Tebow didn’t post.  Only acceptable excuse is that he was already tailgating in Athens for the big game Sat night.

As always, I appreciate the Pax support as well as Grizzly allowing me the opportunity to lead.  BW is always looking for Q’s.  Step up and take your crack leading the masses!

Since it is now three days after Election Day, YHC will skip the original plan to provide motivation quotes so Pax will exercise their right to vote.  T-claps to all Pax and members of their families who voted in Tuesday’s election.  For any of you who did not cast your ballot, please don’t let this privilege go to waste again. Our right as citizens to elect our leaders is one of the founding principles of the United States of America.  We should all be honored to fulfill this obligation.



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