Ranger Randos…

Bunch of randos this week at the Ranger.  Loved it.

The Activities as Instructed

To the Castle (still closed to the public, but we have a special exemption)

Partner Up

Zipper to the top, 10 handclap merkins on each floor

Mary whilst we wait for the six

To the Mutha with a few stops on the way for merkins and mary

Up the spiral

Reconnect with your partner, except for you Roefus, because your partner didn’t make it to the top.

Partner A goes down the spiral and back up, Partner B goes down the steps and back up.

Meet for 10 partner derkins at the top.

Do the opposite of what you just did.

More mary and then take it home with stops on the way for dips, derkins, and maybe other stuff.



Dredd could not understand how our visitor from Louisville (Dry Rub, hospital surname Starbuck) has the real last name Starbuck.  After confirming that his lineage is English, he was further stumped.  He could not comprehend a guy walking around the 16th century British countryside being named Starbuck.  Equated it to him being named “Robot”.  The term likely didn’t make it into Webster’s-Merriam until the 20th century.  Lee tried to put an end to all of the shenanigans and get on with the COT, but I have to agree with Dredd that we could have unpacked this some more.  Dry Rub, please do whatever research is necessary and be ready to report back during your next trip to the Metro.  Nantan’s orders.

Prayer Requests

Marilyn’s Mom undergoing cancer treatment (updated info from Sparta this morning: she received her first treatment this week and is doing as well as can be expected)

Magellan’s wife also being treated for cancer.

We lift them both up.

Dry Rub with the guest takeout.  Thank you brother.  I hope you enjoyed your time with us. In case you were unawares, the Metro is the best.  We have the metrics to prove it:

Nekkid Chatter

Less regulars and more new faces than I’ve ever seen at Ranger.  Strong representation by the Freedom Park/Sparta crew.  Yeah boys!  Great to have you out.  Ya gotta hit PWW, the Tank, or Ranger once in a while or else you won’t have the opportunity to visit that nasty, nasty woman that we all love to hate and hate to love.  She never disappoints and is always there when your Q creativity runs out.  I had a dream on Tuesday night that there was a way to get to the Mutha that didn’t involve running 1+ mile uphill.  Turns out dreams don’t come true kids.  That particular approach up 6th street might just be the worst one. We lost a good man because of it.  What happened Teaser?!?!  Please let us know that you are okay.  They do make cream for that.  But don’t worry, you are still held in the highest esteem in my mind.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to hosting an F3 tackle football game (no helmets or pads).  I figure we could play until one team no longer has enough healthy players to proceed.  Should take about one half of the first quarter.  Since I am hosting the game I get to be captain of one of the teams.  We pick playground style.  Here is my top ten player ranking on the big board:

  1. Teaser Pony – even after Wednesday’s disappointing showing, I am pretty sure he might be able to score every single time he touches the ball.  Are you gonna tackle him?  I’m not gonna tackle him. Comps: Brandon Jacobs
  2. Sir Topham Hat – Size and Speed plus ginger power.  Can probably play both sides of the ball.  Do you want to get tackled by him?  I don’t want to get tackled by him. Comps: Gary Reasons
  3. Thrust – He’s just like all those guys that the NFL teams draft that haven’t played football since they were twelve.  Turns out hoopsters make good tight ends. Comps: Jeremy Shockey
  4. Mugsy – Even though he doesn’t do F3 anymore, same as above.  Plus he is a giant human being. Comps: A Grizzly Bear
  5. Cindy – Something ain’t right upstairs.  That’s good for tackle football. Comps: Charles Haley
  6. Gandalf – Thicker than you expect, nasty mean streak, and a downhill runner, both literally, and hopefully figuratively when he hits that hole. Comps: Dave Meggett #scatback
  7. Steroid – Because the first offense is only a four game suspension. Comps: Lyle Alzado
  8. Taf – Heavy Aussie rules football background so knows proper tackling form.  And in all seriousness, have you ever run sprints with this guy?  His top gear is faster than your top gear. Comps: Jason Sehorn
  9. Nash and Slaughter – Because they’re the best we’ve got. Comps: Wolverine and Captain America
  10. Tormund – Because winter is coming plus Ginger power plus beard power. Comps: Tormund

Notable Omissions From The Top 10

  1. Lee – When they make the F3 version of Madden he will be number 1.  Already a robot.
  2. Black Bear – This isn’t a hippie Frisbee game, those Tevas are not gonna cut it.
  3. Hillary – If coach had played ’em in ’82, they’d have won states #overthemountain

Team Rifty, you guys don’t make the top ten, but I like what you’re doing out there in the gloom.  You must be missing CheckPoint dearly.  I know I am.  CP, that’s enough of that.  Metro wants you back now.  And where the heck has LBJ been?  Are we just two ships passing in the night, or is he injured?  This is information we need to know #riftygroupiesworldwide.

In other non-F3 news, big, big shout out to NYC’s premier Ultimate team, Pride of New York (PoNY) for their big win over San Francisco’s Revolver in USAU’s Men’s National Championship game.  Me and my buddy Alex founded this team in 2005 and we couldn’t be more proud of their 2018 National Championship.  A reporter for Ultiworld.com contacted me and Alex to talk team origins (I swear to God this nonsense isn’t made up):

Finally, and likely most importantly, no recipe this week, but a note about technique.

Seasoning is the single most important part of cooking.  And by seasoning, what I mean is salt.  How much and when you add it is key.  Slice a fresh garden tomato (not now, it’s not tomato season, but next spring when it is, slice one up).  Take a bite.  Now add salt to a slice.  Taste that.  It tastes better.  Now add salt to a slice and let it sit for 15 minutes, then eat it.  Tastes different still.  It’s really important.

For those of you following at home, you will note that in the recipes that I provide here, I only refer to adding salt.  I don’t provide amounts because frankly I have no idea how much salt I add to stuff.  And I don’t really say when to add because it’s different for different things.  But here are some tips to help you become more proficient in your salt usage:

  • Keep a small bowl of salt next to you while you cook.  Not a salt shaker, a bowl that you can stick your fingers in to grab a nice sized pinch.  I am using Himalayan pink sea salt these days.  You could use kosher or other seas salt as well.  But look for something that does not have iodine added.  Creates an aftertaste.
  • Add salt early and often.  Making a beef stew?  Salt the meat before browning in the pan, salt the mirepoix a little bit at a time when you add each ingredient to the pan, check your levels continuously as you go.
  • Your water for boiling pasta or potatoes or blanching vegetables should taste like the ocean.
  • Eggs, hamburgers, and fish get salted the moment before hitting the heat.
  • Things like roasts or chicken can be salted well ahead of time to allow it to penetrate.

Feel free to share your salt thoughts below.  I would love to hear from you salty bastids.

Thanks CMD.  Ranger is always the best.

Thin Slice



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  • November 9, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Thanks for the tips on salting Slice. Will take that into consideration on my crab cakes tonight. Missing you guys! Home soon (Thanksgiving week). CP

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