It wasn’t supposed to rain, per the weather app last night. Unfortunately, that changed by this morning. So I had to make some modifications and force the late arrivals to find us.


We started at for the parking deck at Target. In order not to disturb those sleeping in the deck, we went to the second deck at which point Keefer and Hollywood(?) joined us:


SSHs, Man-maker Merkins;

Run to another corner of the floor and

IWs, Diamonds;

Run to another corner of the floor and

Sharon Towers, Stagger Arm Merkins;

Run to another corner of the floor and

Squats, Stagger Arm Merkins;

Run to another corner of the floor and

Skaters, Merkins; (Won’t name any names but a review of ‘skating’ form reveals a bad case of ‘lak-a-rhythm’ has infected the group)


Find some wall and:

People’s chair/Air press, Donkey Kicks, BTW Shoulder slaps

People’s chair/Lalanne, Donkey Kicks, BTW Australian Mountain Climbers

People’s chair/Air punch, Donkey Kicks, BTW Toe Taps


5 minutes of Burpees. Clearly we don’t do this enough as there were questions on how this is done. For the record, a timer is set. You do 10 (or 8 or 6) burpees (which takes about 40 seconds), rest for about 20 seconds, then repeat. I call out when each minute begins. Do this for 5 minutes. Thus, if you do 10 burpees each minute, you do a total of 50 burpees with about 20 seconds of rest in between.


Circuitous route to the basement and:

Jacob’s ladder up two levels


Meet in the basement for:

Angry Donkey’s


Some Mary and then a run back to the starting point lead by Señor Chips, Charcoal, Willy and Midget.


Announcement: Convergence Saturday at 7:00AM at Charlotte Rescue Mission, coffateria afterwards and then workout again if you want to double-down at 9:00. Bring Turkeys or go Paypal, etc to:


Confession: Sunday at 7:00 AM at Mugs Coffee: 5126 Park Rd #1d, Charlotte, NC 28209 (Park Road and Selwyn)

Indy is collecting books for Billingsville

Q-source at Dunkin’ Donuts following the workout.

I set up Tesla up on a silver platter for the count off so he could be number 4 and he utterly failed. How is that possible?

Little W is ‘sexty-one’.


Tesla with the Take out.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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