What To Do?

Much like the leaderless Panthers at Heinz Field, the Casbah pax were without a Q.  YHC fell into Benefactor’s email trap like a varmint to cheese- I sniffed it and that’s all she wrote… But what to do on 12 hours notice?  Due to the Panthers Thursday performance, there would be no Kuechly’s and the dice game had already been played this week so we ripped a page out of the Ring Run playbook (Hi Rock) and launched:


The Thang:

The peloton headed toward cover but detoured for SSH x15 IC and birdfeeders x10 each leg.  To the jungleless gym for AYG pull-ups, a breather, and repeat AYG.  Mosey out of the school to Sedley/Foxcroft.  Proceed north on Foxcroft with Diamonds x15 at each cross street.  Plank at Sharon Ln for half superman’s.

Mosey the Foxcroft/Ferncliff/Seward square with DryDocks x 10 at each corner.  Plank for Travolta’s x 10 each side.  Mosey the Foxcroft/Ferncliff/Sanford right triangle with WideArms x 10 thrice.

Mosey back to Sharon Ln to R on Arborway to L on Pelham to R on Abingdon.  Continue on Abingdon with ChuckWoolery’s (2 burpees at every other driveway) to Arborway.  Abort ChuckWoolery’s after few reps and complete dislocation of the pax (blame the Q).  Pause at Arborway then mosey back to the AO.  6:14.59   Fin.



Solid participation on a post-Panthers morning.  Juicy Jay and Moosehead’s wings- dinner of champions.  Great gloom as well with different forms of precipitation… Apologies for the pax list above as the rain thwarted YHC’s video attempt.  You know who you are… Tardy, Doe, and Paula were the rabbits.  This fast bunch put in 4.5 miles on the strava… the ChuckWoolery’s are an ode to 80s gameshow legend Chuck Woolery (Dating Game, Scrabble) who used to tell the audience that the show would be back from commercial in 2-and-2.  Hence 2 burpees at every other driveway (or lightpost, etc).  No chance in hell war baby Paula has any idea who Chuck is.

Announcements- Turkeys for Charlotte Rescue Mission.  Show up at CRM this saturday for doubledown opportunity at 7am and/or 9am and bring a bird.  also an option to donate $20 times infinity to missionburpees4turkeys@gmail.com… i forget any others, pls fill in blanks

Pls keep Magellan and family in your prayers.  Also Maryland’s family and my dude Liam, first grader at St Gabe’s, with NH Lymphoma.  Stellar takeout by OneEye.

Thx to the pax for putting up with me and for Benefactor leading a great site.  It always feels like Friday at Casbah.

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