The Revolution WAS televised!

Date: 11/10/2018

Count: 16

QIC: Rex Kwon Do

Names:  Back-up Crockett Curly FNG Target GAAP Glenn Rice Jedi, Lynchpin, Pipeline, Queens, RexKwonDo, Rope-a-Dope, Schmear, Snowden, Swayze, Turnpike


The Thang:


Started off with a little Mosey followed by some SSH, Knee lifts, Dolly’s with scissors and LBC


Mosey down to the trail for a spirited FIRST round of 7’s with Merkins and Dips. Followed up with MORE MOSEY to some hill-work and SECOND round of 7’s with Russian Twist and Squats. Again…MORE MOSEY to the bridge and some Twist and Shouts with Rocks! Followed up by Ladders on the field and some Reverse Ladders to close it out



Welcome FNG Adam from Arkansas. Now Target (pronounced in the classy French sort of way Tar-jhay).



Take-out by GAAP


NMM: Big shout out to Pipeline for convincing me to do this. Thanks to Curly for giving us the directions to Skyview and the Hill-Work—I was happy with the small hill fellas. Blame Curly for the big one! Jedi wanted me to tell you all we ran from Gastonia and back. We were close! #RunCentric

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