Cut Throat Nasty

No doubt there have been worse Cantore conditions than today but this morning was over-the-top brutal.  36 degrees and a steady freezing rain – that’s cut throat.

This morning was like Cam Newton getting sacked on a helmet-to-helmet hit by the Defense but ref penalizes for Cam for the illegal contact

This morning was like standing in line for over an hour at Disney World for the It’s A Small World ride only to have your kids sing that annoying song for the rest of the day

This morning was like quitting your job to be on Survivor and being the first one voted off the island

This morning was like breaking the bank to take your kids to the Wiggles and they don’t play the Fruit Salad song

Yep this morning was brutal

The Thang
Fast mosey across Providence to the Hot Box

COP: SSH/ IW/ Mtn Climber/ Copperhead Squats/ Flutter

Opposite Corner Bent Ladder
Pax splits up to opposite corners of Hot Box
Each corner assigned an exercise: Booty Block Curls/ LBC’s
20 reps of each exercise (run perimeter between corners)
Rinse & repeat x 5, reducing reps by 1 each round

Pivot Squats/ Lunge Walk length of Hot Box

Four Corners
Rd 1: Pull-ups x 5, Hip Slappers x 10, Jump Squats x 15, Knee-ups x 20
Rd 2: Burpees x 5, Donkey Kicks x 10, Plank Jacks x 15, Heels to Heaven x 20

Plank in between rounds

Run length of Hot Box
Repeat – add Donkey Kicks x 5 (at opposite end)
Repeat – add Merkins x 10
Repeat – add Squats x 15
Repeat – add LBC’s x 20
People’s Chair
Rinse & repeat in reverse order


Mary: Rosalita/ Dolly


CRM Turkey Drive – less than 100 away from our goal of 650 turkeys

Thanksgiving Convergence next Thursday, 7-8AM at AGMS

Metro Holiday Party – Dec 1st @ Smokey Joes (see website for full details)

We had an FNG today! A freakin’ FNG showed up for his first-ever F3 workout on this nasty morning.  Welcome Hot Box (Eric Augustyn) who earned a prime name for posting today.

Hot Box was EH’d by Claire who is part of a new wave of Beasts posting regularly at Bastion.  No idea if these guys intentionally post together but Pax like Catheter, Sloppy Seconds, Won Ton, Goldmember, Crawfish & Brutus are here each week.  #newblood

Snots was one of the lead dogs this morning.  Dude crushed it!

No surprise to see Chowda this AM.  A year or two ago, Chowda told me he makes an effort to post in bad weather because he doesn’t want the Q to be on his own.  #HIM

Great take-out by my old partner-in-crime Grapevine.  He also broke down why Thursday workouts are the best for Cantore.

T-claps to Alphabet for coming up with the name Hot Box.  But he loses points for showing up in black and gold and wearing an F3 Pittsburgh shirt no less.  #toosoon #Panthers

When YHC got out of his car today @ 5:29 AM, Pitino looked at me and said “can’t we just go to the Hot Box now?”  Smart man.

While waiting in our cars for 5:30 AM to arrive, Hollins & YHC had a window conversation. He said he expected it to be just me and him this morning. YHC guessed there would be single digits.  Never thought there would be 15 total, and definitely no FNGs.  And YHC takes no credit as Q for the attendance – that’s all Hollins and the job he’s done with Bastion.

We racked up over 2.5 miles just running in the Hot Box.  A lot of fast guys today including Sloppy Seconds, Snots and Pitino.  Then again, they are all Hates and YHC is Respect so they all look fast.

Truly appreciate these 14 Beasts posting today so YHC wouldn’t suffer alone.  Always an honor to Q at Bastion.  You have to bring your A game when Qing this workout.  Thanks Hollins!

Pax to-do list:

  1. Donate to the turkey drive
  2. Post at the Thanksgiving Convergence
  3. Buy your tix to the Holiday Party


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