8@8 Pre-blast: Simple but Effective

I’m DR for Friday’s workout. Last time I failed to show the pax were too confused to follow planned directions and so they just ran around the gold man parking lot 38 times (note: this is separate from the Park Road Shopping Center According Route, which was way cooler).

Anyway, here’s a simpler route this week so you don’t have to do that again …

Out of the lot, down Selwyn

Left on Colony

Up and Down Spacklers, staying straight on Colony. Take it all the way to the Morrison Library (perhaps drop-off those overdue books you’ve been holding onto – Gisele-style)

Right on Morrison Blvd (basically around the Taj Ma-Teeter, and take Morrison until in hits Barclay Downs, by Symphony Park (perhaps yell loudly or throw rocks at Subway’s window)

Right on Barclay Downs

Left on Runnymede

Right on Selwyn, back to the lot.





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