Canary in the Coalmine

A little birdy told YHC that one of the Valley’s own would be in attendance after a month on IR… then a 6’4″ big bird ran in at 525am.  Go time.

The Thang:

Mosey out the school to right on Huntingtowne to left on Park Rd.  Continue on Park to that church at the light of Park/Park South.  SSH x10 IC, birdfeeders x5 each leg, merkins, more merkins.  Mosey north on Park Rd to St Vincent de Paul.  Stop at the pine scent parking lot for merkins, more merkins, and more merkins.  Mosey north again to Park Rd Park.  Dodge speed bumps to jungleless gym.  Pullups AYG, makhtar ndiayes x 10 IC,  Pullups AYG again, travoltas x 10 each side OYO,  Pullups AYG grand finale.

Mosey around the lot by the lake, look at the ballfields across the way, mosey back to Park Rd and head south.  Stop at the SVDP tree lot for more merkins and then more merkins.  Mosey south back to right on Huntingtowne and back to school.

7 minutes left- just enough time for Kuechly Lite.  1st Quarter: Group 1 does speed skaters for 30sec while Group 2 does wall sits.  Flapjack.  2Q: Group 1 does jump lunges for 30 sec while Group 2 does wall sits.  Flapjack.  Q3- repeat Q1.  Q4- repeat Q3.  And grand finale 25 of your favorite merkins OYO.  Fin.

Naked Man Moleskin:

It was cold and we got 7 pax while Big Brother Bastion pulled 30 up the street.  Polar Bears.  5 men in tights and 2 tough guys at The Valley… Good group and great to have Canary back from IR.  Hopefully the mountain bike gets put in the garage for the winter… Did you know?  Meru does rock climbing every Tues and Thurs.  Also climbing is mostly a hand and leg workout… We did every form of merkin including solo hand clap merkin and the Sloppy version which includes feet off ground as well.  Top notch.  YHC got so big that my phone armband ripped.  Nothing Funny doesn’t have a good fix for… 3.2mi on the strava but ur legs will hurt from the Kuechlys, not the 3.2… Announcements- Billingsville tutoring each Tues 430-6pm.  Also present wrapping on Monday 12/10 at 6pm at Mellow Mushroom on Selwyn… prayer intentions for all those with health issues… professional grade takeout by Sloppy.

Thx to the Hunt Farm boys for a great AO and finally good luck to GasX on the Kiawah half this weekend.  Don’t lose to a girl.


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