Can’t Knock the Hustle

11 Ring Run regulars turned out on Jay Z’s birthday to get their hustle on.  Tardy and Sprinkle even showed up despite the heartbreaker the Dawgs suffered on Saturday.

The Thang:

  • Fast mosey from Church parking lot down Beverly to enjoy the Christmas lights and Rensford to Roswell.
  • Run down Roswell stopping at every speed bump and intersection/cross street for 10 merkins to flashing light at Queens (80 merkins)
  • Mary
  • Run down next part of Roswell stopping at every speed bump and intersection/cross street for 10 jump squats to Colony (80 jump squats)
  • Plank and mary
  • Mosey down Colony to entrance for MPHS; convene at the semi-circle wall for dips x 10, derkins x 10, dips x 10, derkins x 10
  • Backwards run up Colony nearly to top of hill by football stadium and forward run back down
  • Backwards run up to MPHS, 10 burpees at top, and forward run back to Colony/Roswell intersection
  • Run up Roswell from Colony to flashing light at Queens, 10 squats at every speed bump and intersection/cross street (80 squats
  • Run up last stretch of Roswell, 10 diamonds at each speed bump (40 diamonds?)
  • Plank
  • AYG back to the Church for 6:15 arrival


Last Tuesday was very cold and instead of Cold Cuts giving the Pax any pain stations, we pretty much just ran a 10k.  I don’t know if he wanted to avoid the cold ground, set a Ring Run record, or if he thought just running would be the fastest way to warm up.  CC wasn’t there to defend his workout so I won’t comment if there was any trash talking about it.  This Tuesday was not as cold and there was going to be some pain.

The whole group was fast today.  When I was planning the work out, I thought the various trips down and up Roswell would spread out the Pax more than it did, but it wasn’t really “Mary Whilst we wait” but more like everyone doing some Mary before starting the next segment.  Everybody was crushing it.  We started with 11 and finished with 11 which was some feat given the amount of cars we encountered this morning.  It was a pleasure leading everyone today – great job.

Thanks for the take out, MMOB.

Thanks for the opportunity, Rock.


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