Drop City at the SharkTank

11 took a dip in the Tank, 1 got dropped on my watch – #PickUpTheSix


First 15 – run to the clock tower for quick 3 rounds of 10 Derkins, 10 Jumpups, and 20 dips, then go to Tank Lurker and run all the way across and back with increasing burpees to 10. Back to the lot to pick up the 45…

Mosey to the Target stairs. quick pusharama – 3 rounds of merkins, wide arm and diamonds.

Partner wheelbarrows and 10 In / 10 Out pullups. 2 Rounds each.

Mosey to truckload areas of Target of shoulder burn – 10 Wall Pushups and 20 Donkey Kicks x 3. Ouch..

Mosey to Courthouse Deck, Up the stairs. Cross the deck with Crossfit merkins.

Down and Up the Deck. 100 LBC, Down and Up the Deck. 50 LBC, Down and Up the Deck. 50 LBC.

Down the deck and back to the lot.


Cindy was in the Christmas spirit because he was physically present the whole workout, he seemed happy to see me, Curly, and Girardi only. Screw everyone else. When is Swamp fox going to come out of hiding?

Great to see Doc and Maybe out there. #NetCrew Speaking of, the Net Bible Study is going to relaunch in the new year. Thursdays — get some of the 3rdF in your life. #Jesus

The Q was fairly disorganized this morning, was not running a full night of sleep after the stomach bug got the 2.0 the night before. I was not going to let that stop me. It did seem to stop Caeser and Gandalf though as they were nowhere to be found.

Japetto got dropped like a bad habit after the Target loading dock stop. Moby Dick ate him and spit him out. Come back next week bro! It’s unfortunate, but that sometimes happen unintentionally at the SharkTank. Keeps everyone honest. I didn’t realize that he was hanging that far back or I would have stopped, however Girardi seemed to keep him company. I’m not sure exactly what happened. It’s real at the Tank. As long as you make it back from COT, all is well. The Tank is still the hardest workout in town…Number should be up if there is folks out there looking for a true beatdown and fellowship. With the Net afterward, what else do you have to do on a Thursday morning? Uhh…@ss no longer exists and Sweet6 does the same exact thing every week. Who cares about them? Bastion is pretty good, but still. Man up and get out to the SharkTank. #Proven

Thanks Curly for the leadership and the opportunity to get out and lead one. #NicestGuyInF3

-America’s Cholo

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